Flixbus: Baby during travel on the world – and gets a gift

A pregnant woman with Flixbus to travel from Barcelona to Brussels on-the-go, as the contractions. Your Baby comes safe and sound in the long-distance bus in the world. The bus company Flixbus company is giving the girl even a little.

During the night journey from Barcelona to the Belgian capital, the labor of a passenger. The bus driver reacted immediately, stopped and alerted the rescue service. At about 3.30 PM, Zenep saw the light of the world – and in a vehicle of the bus company. The mother and the child were then taken to a nearby hospital.

The company is very proud to be the first birth in a Flixbus and published the beautiful message on Facebook.

Flixbus has come up with a special gift

Flixbus the story in the Post describes for the Facebook users and writes: "As the first Person who came in a Flixbus on the world, may the girl until your 18. Birthday with us for free ride."

The Facebook users are enthusiastic about the idea and wishes of the mother and her child all the best.

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