Diet: What type of Bread is in the case of Diabetes, the right choice?

Which bread makes it easier to control of blood sugar levels?

Type 2 Diabetes is a relatively common metabolic disease, which makes the blood sugar level of those Affected out of control. A significant factor is the diet and it will be – in addition to drugs – in General, a special diet prescribed. Because bread is for many people, a fundamental part of the Ernärhung, the question is which breads are best for people with type 2 Diabetes.

What is type 2 Diabetes -?

Type 2 Diabetes is a frequently-occurring disease, which can, for example, symptoms such as frequent urination, constant thirst, and increased fatigue can trigger. Sometimes it is hard to of these symptoms on type-2 Diabetes, because other disorders include similar symptoms. If you notice any of the above complaints, or unexplained weight loss, itching in the genital areas and blurred vision, should be a study on Diabetes.

The diet is very important for the control of blood sugar levels

A diabetic disease is diagnosed, it is important to keep blood sugar levels in the normal range. A healthy diet generally has a special meaning. There is no food that you cannot eat at all, if you suffer from type 2 Diabetes, nevertheless you need to restrict the consumption of certain foods. You should take lots of fruits and vegetables, and some starchy foods such as pasta consume. Sugar, fat and salt should be reduced to a Minimum and you should also make sure that you abandon any of the meals and each day a Breakfast, lunch and supper, so the common recommendations.

Bread is rich in carbohydrates

For many people, bread is a basic food, but what kind of bread is best to keep blood sugar levels under control. Many types of bread, unfortunately, are particularly rich in carbohydrates that can quickly raise blood sugar levels. As a result, you should avoid eating large quantities of this bread, if you want to keep your blood sugar levels under control.

What is the glycemic Index?

The abbreviation GI stands for the glycemic Index, which allows for a relative ranking of carbohydrates in foods, to determine how much you can influence the blood sugar level. So-called Pumpernickel bread and have pure wholemeal bread low GI values, for example, because the ingredients are less processed. During the processing, are normally the chamfer shells membered the outside of the grain removed, which is important contain fiber. But it is precisely this fiber slow down digestion and stabilize blood sugar levels. Who would not want to push his blood sugar levels unnecessarily, and should therefore rely on best on full grain or black bread.

What are the complications that can arise from Diabetes?

Complications associated with type 2 Diabetes, occur when the disease is not treated, include, for example, problems with nerves, kidneys, eyes as well as the increased risk of a heart attack and a stroke. (as)