Mother suffers from endometriosis and is thus infertile: Baby Jonas is a small miracle

As a youth, Bettina C. was in a lot of pain during their Menstruation. This is normal and you should not do so, it was always just. That absolutely was not normal, and a Symptom of endometriosis, it turned out only many years later – as you wish, as a grown woman with a child.

You have the presumption to suffer from endometriosis? The first indications may be the Online endometriosis-Test of the European endometriosis League. On the website you will also find certified endometriosis centers.

“I did not know, that at me something is not right.”

For almost three years she and her husband were trying to have a Baby. But it wasn’t working. The woman’s doctor assured the 38-Year-old again and again, that with her everything was in order. So her husband had to investigate. However, when Timo C. everything was normal.

“I did not know, that at me something is wrong. But I was not taken seriously,“ says Bettina C. Until may 2017. Since the woman was referred because of a cyst from your wife’s doctor to the Albertinen-hospital. There is founded in 2011, the endometriosis centre.

Five Doctors deal specifically with women suffering from the disease: endometriosis flock of “versprengtem” uterine tissue outside of the uterus are formed from the as yet not known reasons. About 50 percent of all women who are not pregnant and therefore treatment, is found to have the disease. In Germany alone, about six million women suffer and according to the European endometriosis League to the disease.

In the Albertinen-hospital Bettina C. finally gets help

Also, Bettina C. was immediately clear: she suffers from endometriosis. “The Doctor made an ultrasound and was freaked out. You said it all with me.“ In the case of Bettina C. the ovaries and fallopian tubes were wrapped in the tissue the tumor and the intestines grow. In a four-hour Operation, the tissue was removed and the ovary is brought back in the Form. Bettina C. sauer: “It could have been a lot sooner to respond.” Nevertheless, she is overjoyed. Through artificial insemination, she became pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

“Again and again we see that women with endometriosis have children. This is the reason why I’m doing the Job so much,“ says Dr. Ingo von Leffern (62), the head of the endometriosis centre and chief physician of the gynecology. He and his Team treat since years, more and more women. In 2018, there were 1500 from the whole of Germany. And the number continues to rise. Because more and more often diagnosed hard-to-detect disease that can only be done with a laparoscopy without a doubt found.

“In Germany, it takes at least six years, until the endometriosis is detected,” said the chief doctor. Therefore, he wants to inform about the disease. Thus, more infertile women may experience their own little happiness.

This article was written by Wiebke Bromberg