Eat until you are 80% full, and then stop, says Shweta Tripathi

Actor Shweta Tripathi, best known for her role in the critically acclaimed Masaan in 2015, is now helming the Amazon Prime show Laakhon Mein Ek, about the struggles of a woman doctor in a rural posting. How does she keep fit while busy and on the move? Here’s a look at her fitness routine:

I believe whatever your fitness or body goals, your aim should be to be healthy.

I train thrice a week for 45 minutes to one hour, with a trainer. When I’m travelling I always carry my yoga mat so I can do bodyweight and floor exercises. I love working out with suspended rings. It’s great for the core and toning of the muscles, and it’s fun.

Great food is my battery, it keeps me going. But one suggestion from my nutritionist that has really worked for me is to eat until you are 80% full, and stop. In general, I try for moderation; even when I drink coffee I go for the smaller cup.

I avoid fried foods and have started avoiding packaged foods. Even when they claim it’s healthy, packaged food can’t match fresh food.

Even when travelling for shoots, I snack on homemade dry fruit laddus and makhana. I believe regular doses of healthy snacks keep me healthy. I think we tend to crave more junk food when we stay hungry for too long.

The cheat food I think of most is cheese naan and chilli chicken dry.

First Published:
Jul 27, 2019 18:06 IST

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