Couples go wild for the Praying Mantis sex position that provides mind-blowing orgasms

Although it might be too hot to do anything at the moment, it’s still important to keep the flames alight in the bedroom.

According to a recent study, the hot weather increases the libido and leads to a better sex life.

And luckily, Daily Star Online has just the sex position for you this week.

Thanks to Ann Summers there’s a kinky move in bed which is easy to master during the heatwave.

It’s called The Praying Mantis and it combines a lot of deep penetration.

So how do you master the position?

Start on your back with a pillow beneath your hips and your legs spread.

Have your partner kneel and enter you, then move one leg over their shoulder while they hold your hips and push deeper inside.

This position also allows more stimulation of the clitoris thanks to the closeness of your bodies.

It also leaves a hand free for more direct stroking using lube to enhance sensations.

Are you looking for more sex positions?

Previously, we revealed why The Shard sex move is popular among kinky couples.

The position, which guarantees deep penetration, will help couples achieve that mind-blowing orgasm.

And you can try The Push and Pull sex position which can provide a blended orgasm.

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