How panic attacks can be avoided

Test anxiety? So panic attacks avoid

Inner restlessness, sleep disturbances, heart palpitations: the threat of panic attacks can restrict our lives. However, there are ways to prevent. Health experts explain, what are the little tips to be anxiety attacks.

Panic attacks due to exam anxiety

For most people, upcoming exams mean Stress. Those who suffer from test anxiety, perception of the Situation is however much worse. In the case of some of them panic attacks are a even. The fear of failure can fight, if you heed a few tips.

In people with test anxiety of upcoming tests can trigger panic attacks. Yet, the fear of failure can fight, if you heed a few tips. (Image: Light Impression/

A clear time plan with realistic steps

“People with test anxiety should be at an early stage with a clear time plan with small and realistic steps, which are processed,” explains Andrea Jacob-Pannier, a psychologist at the health insurance company Barmer, in a statement.

“The experiences of success, by the achieved goals and to motivate learning on the next day. So the fear of failure will be smaller,“ says the expert.

The Practice in learning groups is also often a help. Because as part of a group it could stand its performance is better objectively assess and possibly an exam situation, queries can be simulated. In the ideal case, the test will lose its terror.

Dangerous Vicious Circle

Fear of tests can lead to weeks in advance of diarrhea, vomiting, headache, palpitations, impaired concentration, dizziness and sleep disorders.

According to Jacob-Pannier a good preparation for the exam is then no longer possible. The affected refuge, often in other activities, reinforcing the fear even more. Thus, a vicious cycle that could lead to panic attacks arising.

The expert, according to you, then a visit to the doctor is helpful, the symptoms to clarify and, if necessary, recognised treatment method, such as the behavior therapy.


As stated in the communication from the insurance company, are also Learning a relaxation method such as Yoga or autogenic Training, or Online training sessions on “mindfulness and relaxation” antidote to test anxiety.

“Who is not coping with his test anxiety alone, it can apply to psychological or General social counselling centres,” says Jakob Pannier.

“For students, the universities have usually also psychological counseling.” (ad)