After 10 years in coma: French Patient Vincent Lambert is dead

France’s most famous coma-Patient is dead. After the treatment stop more than a week ago the 42-year-old Vincent Lambert died on Thursday morning, as his nephew François Lambert of the public service broadcaster France Télévisions announced.

Previously, there had been a dramatic legal wrangling, the setting of the artificial diet. The tragic case has not torn, only Lambert’s family, but also France divided.

Catholic parents wanted to prevent death and mourning

Lambert was killed in an accident about ten years ago in a traffic accident and was injured severely on the head. He was since then in a kind of awake coma. The Catholic parents wanted to prevent the death of your son with all the Power and complained. They failed in France, always in front of court and also before the European court of human rights. Lambert’s wife was that her husband could die.

Recently, France’s Supreme court had made it after a grueling legal dispute the way for a re-stop the treatment of Lambert-free. Only in may, his treatment had been stopped. A few hours later, however, a French appeal court had ordered the resumption. On Monday, Lambert’s parents announced that they would not take legal steps against the treatment stop.