New hope: German doctor to have discovered a cure for Alzheimer’s

A German scientist may have discovered a drug against dementia-diseases that can make the memory loss undo. Animal experiments with the new drug breakthrough results – a clinical study with Alzheimer’s patients.

To show whether the active ingredient with the name Triple-Receptor Agonist, also shows in people’s success. 200 Alzheimer’s patients take part in the study in England, you get the active ingredient once a day injected.

Has discovered the active ingredient of the German scientist Professor Christian Hölscher, of the research at the University of Lancaster in England. In an Interview with the “Bild am Sonntag”, he said, what’s up with the new drug: “An artificial hormone that regulated, among other things, Insulin and for the treatment of Diabetes”was developed.

The suspicion that Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Parallels, he had already had about ten years ago, the newspaper reported. The solution could be to use Insulin, because it is not magic, only the blood sugar, but also an important growth factor in the brain, Hölscher to the newspaper.

Active ingredient already showed success in patients

In Denmark, a Test with 14 Alzheimer’s had already been-patients who have built on Hölschers research – with resounding success: The brain activity of the patient had not grown weaker, and had increased, on the contrary, in some areas even.

“The nerve cells in our head need to halten&quot for a lifetime;, further, said the researchers, compared with the “Bild am Sonntag”. You get little signals from growth factors such as Insulin, be "like a ship without a captain and go zugrunde", so Hölscher. "You need to find someone who says to them: ‘On s, to throw the Motor back in, fixed what’s broke’. Exactly the the active ingredients from treatment of Diabetes to do.“

The clinical study will run until 2019. If you successfully complete it, it’ll take about three more years, until the drug reached the market – and may the memories of many people.