Heidelberg: water in several shops out of stock

In Heidelberg citizens to consume tap water due to an unknown substance. You are to create water-supplies. A citizen explains the situation in Heidelberg.

For the Heidelberg district of neuenheim, a danger message about KatWarn went on Thursday morning to the local people. You’re not to consume the tap water. Only for toilet flushing it would be suitable.

The first step: water bottles shopping. But that’s exactly what is no longer possible without Further ADO. A Concerned new home is reported by FOCUS Online, the shops were empty bought. He was, therefore, in several super markets – water, he found there no more. Many use driving forces of the fire brigade through the streets and warn the residents by loudspeaker announcements.

Substance in the drinking water in Heidelberg

What is known? An unknown substance has discolored on Thursday, the drinking water in Parts of Heidelberg and the neighbouring municipality of Dossenheim blue. The coloring can not confirm the citizens of Heidelberg to FOCUS Online.

The authorities have warned due to the initially unclear risk position of having to drink the water or use it for body care. The analyses run, the Landratsamt of the Rhein-Neckar-Kreis, in baden-württemberg town.

Are affected Northern parts of the city in Heidelberg

"A previously unidentified substance leads to a blue coloration of the Trinkwassers", said the Board of health of the circle.

Were affected, according to the official risk messages, the two Northern Heidelberger parts of the city, new home, and glove home, as well as the territory of the neighbouring municipality of Dossenheim. As a precaution, should be consumed in Heidelberg, not tap water, it is called in the local media.

The info telephone of the Department of health to help with any questions: 06221/5221800.