Protection against the Corona effect: This Places most people forget to wash the hands

Unfortunately, often underestimated: The washing is the theme of hands, when it comes to infectious diseases. A study by the University of Heidelberg has shown that approximately every tenth Person in Germany washes hands, respectively, more than every second Person doesn’t wash their hands thoroughly. And to show why thorough Washing is important, we have prepared a small test. The red color is in the case of our soap. I’m starting to wash my hands. I do this relatively quickly, and With a brief hand wash, it has not reached all the Places.

There are still many white spots, and be all that we would not have achieved now with the soap and had not been cleaned.

Washing your hands protects you in two ways. Firstly, Sufferers should wash your hands regularly because this will prevent the pathogen to reach, for example on door handles. And then, if a healthy Person were to touch this doorknob, she has the pathogen on the Hand. And if you touch then in the eyes, the mouth, the nose, can pass these viruses on the mucous membranes in the body, which then leads to an infection. But even Healthy can protect themselves from infection, if you wash just your hands regularly.

In addition to washing hands, there is of course still more measures that each individual can take to protect themselves from infection. The most important include, for example, that you have to keep one, better two meters distance to ill people. If you have to, myself coughing or sneezing to cough into the crook of your arm and not in the hands, because you can see the pathogen again, door handles or push buttons on the lift distribution. If symptoms to remain home for the time being, that is also quite important to set in public transport or to go to the office, but to really stay home for the time being, when you call a doctor, the symptoms clarify further treatment clarify. And, of course, if you’re on the road and not the hands can be washed, can also for the emergency times, a disinfectant, a desinfecting gel users. It is important then, above all, that this is a Viruszid, so it can kill the targeted viruses.