Coronavirus is apparently already the case with mild symptoms transferable

The Coronavirus is, apparently, already at very mild symptoms transferable. The the Institute for Virology of the Charité in Berlin and the Institute for Microbiology of the German armed forces reported on Tuesday, after regular follow-up examinations in the clinic of Munich Schwabing patients.

The laboratories of both institutions were, therefore, in several cases, that the infectious virus from the nose and throat of people can be bred with low symptoms in cell cultures. “These observations are strong evidence for the Transferability of the Virus already in mild or onset of common cold symptoms,” wrote the virologists from Munich and Berlin. The signs of the disease of the patients studied resembled more of a harmless cold, a serious inflammation of the lungs. Possible symptoms are pain thus neck, a sign of an acute sinus infection or a light, General feeling of illness without a fever.

The researchers also found evidence that the novel Coronavirus propagated, regardless of the lungs in the nose and throat, as well as in the digestive tract. It is unclear currently whether about the digestive system, an infection with the pathogen can be carried out.

Roman Wölfel from the Institute for Microbiology of the Bundeswehr stressed, with studies in Munich and Berlin for the first time outside of China scientific data had been with regard to the Transmission of the virus collected. In the message, it means that the institutions have decided, due to “the high importance for the spread control” to publish the results before the final completion of the investigations.

In Germany there has been a total of twelve confirmed cases of diseases caused by the Coronavirus. In eight cases, of which there are employees of the automotive supplier Webasto in Bavaria. Employees of the company had put in one from China to training, travelled with Mrs ange.

Woman in China had apparently but symptoms

The Bavarian authorities had initially reported that the Chinese colleague had shown during their stay in Germany any symptoms of the disease – the woman would have been in the incubation period, contagious. The journal “The New England Journal” (NEJM) had also been reported.

Lung disease

Corona – how in the world the test is due to a Virus

But now there are doubts about this illustration: How the journal “Science”, he writes, was this Information from the Infected – but not by the woman herself. You would initially have been unable to reach. Later, the patient made it clear, according to “Science” but that you have already shown during their stay in Germany, the first symptoms of the disease. You have felt thus tired, pain in the limbs had and have taken Acetaminophen, a fever-lowering agent.

Experts had considered the German cases, first, as evidence that the pathogen can also be symptom-free Infected transmitted. This is now being called into question. The new findings are but also no evidence that the pathogen can not be in the incubation period, transferred.

In spite of the massive protection measures, the spread of the Coronavirus in China, could not be curbed so far. According to the government, infected more than 20,000 people with the pathogen. 425 people in mainland China have died of it. Outside of China there has been a death in Hong Kong and in the Philippine capital of Manila.

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