Too expensive, too much effort: Bavaria clinics make parts of their children’s stations

That the German health system is on shaky ground, is no longer a secret. It is not only expensive. Qualified personnel shortage is as goods as that of the time Doctors for their patients. And as so often, it hits the Youngest the hardest. How dramatic it is to many children’s stations in Bavarian hospitals, according to the BR. The reason is that no Patient is economically unprofitable, as a critically ill child.

No return, no need

Children in Bavaria as well as in the whole of Germany, a Central Problem clinics. You do not pay winnings. On The Contrary. You are a minus business. Because sick kids cost money, staff a lot of effort. And of all significantly more as an adult. Why? Because the front of almost 20 years, so-called case resulted in a flat rate system makes no difference between Big and Small. No matter whether a Three – or 60-Year-old in a hospital bed occupied the clinics in Germany for the treatment is usually the same money. It will take much longer, a three cheese high blood, is obvious. In the German health system, but it plays no role. For the managers of the clinics already. And as in other industries, it separates first from the non-profitable Parts of the company.

More sick kids, fewer beds

This is exactly what happens currently in the free state of Bavaria. The Department of children and youth psychomatik castle, Klinikum rechts der Isar, due to “unfavourable cost-revenue structure”. Also in the Hauner children’s hospital, the Department was closed. According to the report of the BR to bottlenecks in the treatment of Diabetes and stomach threaten there-the gut. At the University hospital of Würzburg, the managers concluded, at least temporarily, stations, to save costs, “when there’s so much going on”. This is quite General but rather the exception. Because this is the development of the situation in the children’s hospitals are still more fragile than what it already is. According to Figures from the Federal statistical office, the number of sick children has risen steadily in recent years. In contrast to the available beds.

Children’s doctors to manage the shortage

The obvious miss system that makes sick children, life increasingly difficult in the German health a scientific study of the interdisciplinary research center Ceres of the University of Cologne occupied. Therefore, lucrative-reward departments such as Neonatalogie or Oncology in direct competition with the proceeds of weak areas, such as gastroenterology. “You need to change the remuneration system and the wrong incentives,” says the study’s leader, Annic Weyersberg. Otherwise, the pediatricians manage more only for the shortage.

Good news there then but still. In the Bavarian Ministry of health has recognised that children are not small adults. Therefore, it is necessary that you get a “good enough treatment,” says health Minister Melanie Huml. Some of the case-based lump sums for the treatment of children had been adjusted already. Also in Berlin, in the Ministry of Jens Spahn, check a paper, to deal with a more nuanced case flat-rate system.


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