38 Doctors and nurses in Berlin, switch from Protest the hospital closed

In a Berlin hospital, a complete division has acknowledged your service. As info radio rbb reported exclusively, the termination wave, the Auguste-Viktoria-Klinikum hospital group, Vivantes, in the district of schöneberg. A large part of the workforce of the Department of infectious diseases had collectively resigned and was closed changed to the St. Joseph hospital in Tempelhof.

The eleven Doctors and 27 nurses will be there from 1. April, a new Department for infectious diseases build up, and to focus on HIV patients, but also other viral and bacterial infections, for example, patients infected with multi-resistant germs.

Always worse working conditions at Vivantes

As an employee explained to the info radio, according to the collective dismissal of a Protest against deteriorating working conditions at the clinic. In St. Joseph you could work with a better care key for patients.

People before Profit

Conversations with the patient? "Uninteresting – no need for additional Erlöse&#034 brings;

The Chairman of the health Committee of the Berlin house of deputies, Wolfgang Albers (Left), spoke on Tuesday in info radio by an extraordinary step. The loss of medical competence, you can’t talk “nice”. The person responsible would have to prevent the question of whether everything was done to “such bloodletting” to. Because the dissatisfaction was not known.

There had also been discussions, “because with the departure of the chief physician also restructuring were planned, which were not solved by mutual agreement.” However, he doubts that religious hospitals offer better working conditions. “So far, the denominational carrier of St. Joseph have no hospital, just the fact that they offer particularly favourable tariff conditions, or much better working conditions (…) Since I’m curious times, whether the members have really proved to be in the longer term, a good service,” says Albers more.

Medicine for the people

People before Profit! These physicians have the medical appeal signed so far

Clinic for infectious diseases, wants to set up a new

The Auguste-Viktoria-Klinikum, said at the request of the star in a statement: “Please be aware that Vivantes to personnel matters is not to Express you can.” The hospital will “establish a new and differentiated” to “the requirements of a high-quality medicine to meet.” In addition, they wanted to continue to treat HIV patients.

St. Joseph hospital is happy, however, about the collective new arrival and said, according to the report of a good Supplement for their own priorities such as Nephrology and Oncology. These patients are especially infection-prone. In addition, infection with multi-drug resistant pathogens is a major challenge. To the new Department with an experienced and specialized Team, called the speaker a “great addition”.

Source: rbb1, rbb2, rbb3

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