Emergency medicine: parents need to practice

If allergies, Asthma or epilepsy: children Are chronically ill, it is up to parents, teachers or educators, emergency-to use medicines. In order for this to work in case of an emergency, you can use the correct application in the local pharmacy.

"In case of an emergency, all parties Involved are under a lot of pressure, especially in the case of complex dosage error passieren&quot forms easily;, Mathias Arnold, Vice-President of the ABDA &ndash says; Federal Union of German associations of Pharmacists e. V., Therefore, advises the expert for adults to be at the pharmacy show, as a emergency medicine in a child is properly applied

Emergency medicine, children need, for example, in the case of an Allergy to peanuts or other foods. Estimated about eight percent of all children suffer from it, where this Allergy is with age, rare. The Allergy can lead to skin rash, swelling, wheezing, shortness of breath, or dizziness. "If left untreated acute can serious allergic reactions in children fatal. Therefore, it is important that the emergency medicines are always in reach, but the adults are also using the application, sind", Dr. Martina Neininger from the centre for medicines safety (ZAMS) at the University of Leipzig says. In case of emergency, first of all, a doctor on call should be contacted. In addition to doctor-prescribed antihistamines or cortisone are available.

Examples of other emergency medicine, the application of which should practice adults, are metered dose inhalers for asthma attacks, as well as Rektiolen or Mouth in the case of epileptic seizures of children.

On 7. In June, the Federal-wide "The day of the pharmacy statt", this year under the Motto "Proper medication for Kinder" . Many pharmacies in Germany make this day of action on services specifically for children.


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