Vegan organic tooth brushes now in Germany at dm.

New vegan wood toothbrush of dm from renewable raw materials

Many people is not known, that in numerous toothbrushes animal products are, for example, as a carrier of substances in the plastic. However, there are also vegan Alternatives. The drugstore chain “dm” has now brought on the market: a wooden toothbrush, which consists of renewable raw materials.

Regularly brushing your teeth

Regular teeth, the effect of cleaning the most valuable measure for the prevention of dental caries, gingivitis, and unpleasant tooth pain. However, this depends also strongly on the correct technique. So, for example, Shaking and Stress, according to dental professionals makes sense. An important role plays also the choice of the correct toothbrush. To hard bristles not be used. Many professionals to be one of the Strengths of “soft” or “medium soft”. The bristles of a new toothbrush in the drugstore chain “dm”, “medium”. The product is acclaimed by customers, but mainly because of the sustainability.

A toothbrush made of wood

The drugstore chain “dm” has toothbrush presents on Instagram a new product pushes the users to extremely positive resonance: a Wood.

The toothbrush of the dm brand Alverde “is made of FSC-certified beech wood and is free of petroleum and pesticides,” writes the company.

“Through the use of wood from Switzerland, avoiding long transportation routes,” it says.

And: “The bristles are made of up to 100% bio-renewable raw materials”.

Positive Reactions

Many Instagram users were under the dm contribution is very positive.

“Think it’s very great at making their toothbrushes out of wood!”, wrote for example, ““. And: “I’ll buy it for me”.

Others criticized in their comments, however, that “bamboo cooler” would be. In addition, concerns about the Hygiene of the wood expressed product. (ad)