This 10-Minute Workout Will Give You J.Lo-Level Swimsuit Confidence

For Ngo Okafor, consistency is king. The owner/founder of New York City’s Iconoclast Fitness Studio, and two-time Golden Gloves boxing champion, shares that mantra with everyone he trains, a roster that happens to include A-list clientele like Jennifer Lopez, Brooke Shields, Mariska Hargitay and Helena Christensen, just to name drop a few.

But Okafor doesn’t like to name drop. He treats everyone who walks through the door at Iconoclast, a WeWork space for personal trainers, with the same amount of respect coupled with a tiny dose of tough love.

Known for championing the transformation challenge, Okafor works closely with clients on rapid body transformations ranging from a 7-day to 14-day to a full 28-day commitment. Depending on the program, clients will start with a 60-minute weight and cardio training session with Ngo followed by either an hour or 30 minutes of cardio.

Okafor trained Hargitay’s husband Peter Hermann who wanted to prep for a sex scene on the hit show Younger with just a week’s notice — and his results were undeniable.

“The foundation for fitness starts with the desire to be the best version of yourself,” Okafor tells PEOPLE. “Once you say, ‘I want to be the best version of myself,’ and believe in it, you start building that commitment.”

Whether or not you’re ready to commit to a transformation challenge, Okafor says the most important thing is to move your body every day. Which is why he delivered an exclusive workout for PEOPLE readers, which you can do from your home or hotel room (if you’re heading on Spring Break this month!) to keep your energy and confidence high.

Catch the routine — a fast-paced mix of squats, bridges, crunches and push-ups demonstrated by Okafor and Iconoclast member Dorian Cervantes — in the clip below.

Follow the 80/20 Rule

“You can’t out train a bad diet. Eighty percent of overall weight loss is what you put in your body and twenty percent is working out.”

Okafor suggests following a low-sugar, low-carb and high protein diet for weight loss. When following one of his transformation programs, sugar and carbs are totally eliminated from the diet and leafy greens, lean meats and fishes are the staples.

For a boost of morning energy, Okafor suggests water-based oatmeal with a dash of cinnamon and six to eight blueberries.

Work Your Abs Every Day

“Abs are the greatest sign of fitness. When you’re on the beach, nobody gives a damn what you squat, or dead lift, or bench press. They look at your abs. You have to train your abs to make them look better. The same way you would do bicep curl, tricep push down, work your chest, work your legs.”

Age Doesn’t Matter

“This is a lifelong journey. You should want to keep getting better as you age. No one wants to live with regrets. The body is a slave to the mind. Once you have a strong mind, your potential is limitless. “

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