Penis length: how to measure your Penis correctly

Scientists and Doctors have been trying for almost 100 years, to collect accurate data on the length of the penis of men. Actually, that sounds quite easy: for an erection to worry a tape measure to create and then the values to be read.

Many men measure in this way, again and again once your penis length – be it out of curiosity, out of uncertainty, out of boredom or to compare with other. (Also interesting: one in four don’t) like his Penis. Also for science which penis measurement is at the latest since the 1940s, a topic – but with very different results.

There are a surprising number of measuring methods

There are a variety of ways to measure a Penis: different results it brings, if you create the measuring tape on the side, instead of at the top. In the case of penises, which are not completely straight, it makes a difference whether you used a ruler or a tape measure.

Some scientists, not others add in uncircumcised men, the foreskin,. Also, there seems to be a difference whether you measure yourself or another Person, the Penis. You can measure penises in the flaccid state and pull in the length, you can measure them in the erected state where there is evidence that not every erection is the same length. (When a circumcision is a good idea, read here.)

There is disagreement about the best measurement technology prevails

Scientists are, in particular, not all agree on which measurement technology is most reliable. A single technique would be important in order to generate comparable results.

This is important not only for men, the home measure, the appropriate comparison of results to Hand. If it is possible to determine the penis lengths correctly, you could develop, for example, condoms, the better seats and less likely to tear. So far, a lot of uncertainty at this point, but still.

Initially, the dimensions of many scientists penises in the flaccid state

But how do the major Figures of penis length come from? It is known that researchers have been working since the 1940s with this topic, and different studies have created – one of the oldest dates back to the year 1942.

For this study, two scientists from the dimensions of around 1500 men. In the process, they decided, the Penis is not erect but in flaccid state. To do this, you expressed a ruler against the pubic bone, and drew penises in the length. It showed, however, that the results also depend on external influences, for example, the temperature in the room. They were low dimensions, the scientists shorter penises – even if it was pulled.

One of the most famous studies is considered to be not very reliable

A very well-known study comes from the sex researcher Alfred Kinsey. She is from the year 1948. He came to the conclusion that about 70 percent of men have a Penis that when erect is between about 14 to 16.5 inches long. As the average value 15,77 inches.

For his study, Kinsey had sent about 18,000 cards to male students, with whom he is inviting you to measure your Penis. Around 3,500 of the cards he got back. Was criticised later in the study that the results are comparable – the participants were almost exclusively white College students. In addition, the results on average were approximately one to 2.5 centimetres of comparable clinical trials. (Click here to read all the tips for penis enlargement).

Scientists measure today, even with your subjects

What this difference is, is not clear: the scientists of the world today, whether especially the well-endowed man could have been reported for the study or whether the differences to the non-uniform measurement methods. Perhaps the men have cheated also just a couple of inches.

Therefore, the results of these early studies, no longer apply now as a reliable source. Nowadays, most scientists are no longer passed to allow their subjects self-measure, but the length of the penis in a clinical environment to measure. Also, this method is not perfect: to Be measured erect penises, it’s that men have power to feel the pressure and their erection for measurement are not able to keep or not to be as strong as it normally is.

Many scientists measure the flaccid Penis

Other scientists to help in the erection by injection molding before the measurement, a liquid in the Penis. Also it is not clear, however, whether the length of this artificially-induced erection is similar to is actually a naturally developed erection.

There are so many uncertainties. Many researchers are now resumed, however, to measure the flaccid Penis to pull it in the length and press a ruler against the pubic bone. To do this, the scientist Gordon Muir created with his Team in the year 2015, an overview of the study in which he evaluated the results of 20 studies with a total of more than 15,500 participants. He came to an average length of 13.11 centimeters, and found that around 70 percent of men have a penis length between 11.43 and bear 14,73 centimeters – so much less, than, for example, Kinsey, in 1948, had to be specified.

To date, there are no really reliable average value

Also in this method, but there are points of criticism: Some scientists are pulling the Penis more length than others. The influence that it has, in particular, in the case of beleibteren men also, how firmly you press the ruler into the pubic bone.

Therefore, but to measure instead of the erect Penis, is not a solution: The researcher, Deborah, herb, nick noted, 2014 in a study that the penile length also depends on the degree of excitation: the length of The penis was bigger, if the erection was caused by oral sex, as if the man had created for himself.

Therefore, until today there is no definitive average for the Penis, which is considered to be reliable, but only rough guide values that are approximately between 12,70 and 14,22 centimeters.

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