People Are Shaming Kayla Itsines For Being "Too Fit" 8 Weeks Postpartum

Kayla Itsines welcomed her first child, daughter Arna Leia, eight weeks ago. Since then, BBG fans have been eager to see the fitness fanatic postpartum journey and what her post-pregnancy routine consists of. 

The 28-year-old Sweat app founder recently took to Instagram to share that she had been given the all clear to do ‘light’ workouts. However, after posting a selfie to her 11.6 million followers, many took aim at Kayla’s postpartum body – especially her fit tummy. 

Kayla wrote to her social media fans, “Having been cleared for LIGHT workouts for over a week now (by my doctor and physiotherapist), I’m starting to really feel like myself again and not just in a physical sense.”

“I am so motivated right now because, for me, fitness is my self-care, my time out and my PASSION. Being able to share my passion with YOU, the #BBGCommunity is helping me to get out of bed every morning (not forgetting my incredible family)!! #comeback” 

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Unfortunately, some of her followers accused her of looking “too fit” in the photo she posted. Some people went as far as to shame Itsines for her “perfect abs”. 

“These kind of pictures are exactly the kind that makes women hate their bodies,” one commenter wrote. “Most women can never get your body because of genetics, no matter how much dieting or exercise they do. Having perfect abs a couple of weeks after a baby is also extremely rare.”

Another added, “Honestly with an account following of nearly 12mil really wished you would have posted a more raw and honest journey of your post-pregnancy experience. Very disappointing and you’re just adding to the unnecessary pressure from social media for new mums to look like yourself in just a few weeks after birth.”

Many of the BBG community were quick to defend the personal trainer. “Can we please stop and be a community of women that supports one [another] instead of shaming because of a person’s weight,” one wrote under the photo.

Another concurred, “Everyone is different and fit strong looks different on everyone because not everyone has the same body shape genetics.”

“Kayla owes us absolutely nothing about her pregnancy journey,” another said. “This is what she looks like post-baby. This IS her realistic image. It’s disgusting the way some of you choose to attack her as if her current body isn’t ‘bad’ enough to make you feel better.”

It’s important to remember that postpartum bodies look different on everybody. No one’s post-birth appearance or personal experience are alike, and that’s why it’s so crucial to not to judge, criticise or comment on another woman’s.

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