If the doctor has closed: 116117 instead of emergency

In the evening, at night, on weekends and holidays, the physician on-call service is available on the number 116117 accessible. Two elves in turquoise and pink costumes, "Elf6" and "Elf7", the brand Ambassador of a new campaign by the kassenärztliche bundesvereinigung (KBV) to make the number known.

Many people also go with a comparatively harmless complaints directly to the hospital or dial the emergency number 112. For such cases, the medical on-call service at the number 116177 the right person to contact is: Here patient’s call, not life-threatening sick, but their complaints not to the next office hours can wait. In the case of serious accidents and life-threatening emergencies must be chosen from the 112.

"In the past year, seven millions of callers have dialed the number, but we want more erreichen", Dr. Andreas alleys, Chairman of the Board of the KBV says. For TV and Online Spots, billboards and Ads are planned. From next year the Service will be expanded behind the number to a large supply portal. Starting in January 2020, the date service under the 116117 then the kassenärztliche Vereinigung places, the patients have now appointments with Doctors and psychotherapists. In addition, an interface to the rescue will be furnished service under number 112, so that callers with life-threatening complaints can be immediately passed on to him.

All of these offers will be available in the course of the coming year is also on the Website www.116117.de as well as an App for the Smartphone.


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