Five easy exercises to relax your sore muscles at work

Desk-bound jobs can lead to many health problems like neck and shoulder pain. Try these quick exercise while sitting in your work chair, and we are sure you will feel better.

Being glued to the computer screen and sitting on a chair for eight to nine hours straight can take a toll on your health. While doing heavy-weight exercises is not possible in office, exercises like stretching and neck rolls can make you feel better immediately.

A recent study also says that all those who are bound to their desk can help themselves to reverse the effects of a sedentary lifestyle by exercising for 20 minutes each day. The American College of Cardiology study mentioned how reducing sitting time is a good start point but needs more.

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To help you stave off the health risks associated with a desk-bound job, we bring you a list of quick exercises to do without demanding much of your effort.

Stretching wrist and fingers

While still at your desk, take the fingertips of one hand into the palm of your other hand. After extending the arm forward at shoulder-height, gently bend your fingers towards your body until you feel a light stretch. Repeat for the other hand after counting to 10.

Benefit: It helps reduce the chances of developing Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, a medical condition caused by median nerve’s compression while it travels through the wrist.


Backbend on your chair

Sit in upright position on your seat and place both your hands on the hips. Now slowly look up or down, keeping your feet evenly spaced on the ground. Stay for 4-5 breaths.

Benefit: This helps improves posture and spine alignment.

Seating Mountain Pose

This pose requires your spine and head to be erect. Now, bring both hands at the front to form the ‘Namaste’ gesture. Extend your arms over your head for a better stretch. Engage the abs as you sit up tall.

Benefit: It releases tension from shoulders.

Neck Roll

Sit up straight and take deep breaths. Now slowly start moving your neck from the right, letting your right ear touch the right shoulder. Then, continue on the other side until a full circle is completed. Repeat it for 3-5 times.

Benefit: It helps releases tension from the neck and shoulders.

Eye muscle relaxant 

Relax your eye muscles in a jiffy by doing this easy exercise at work. Close your eyes and place a finger on each eyelid and press lightly for about 10 seconds. Then release the pressure for two seconds and press slightly again. Do this for a minute.

Benefit: It helps in soothing the eyes and relieving stress.

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