The ‘Riding High’ is the perfect sex position to get you ready for Royal Ascot

It’s that time of the year again when the Royal Ascot returns for a week of booze and races on June 16 (Tuesday).

But if you’re one of those people who haven’t bothered to get tickets, why not celebrate the return in bed?

According to Ann Summers, the “Riding High” sex position is the perfect way to climb up and saddle in the bedroom.

This kinky position takes complete control of your pleasure.

How do you master this sex position? 

Start by having your partner lay flat on the bed and straddle them with your legs.

Then you can move up to their face so they’re in the ideal position for oral.

Make sure you’re supporting your own weight throughout then just sit and ride away to orgasm.

To really get into the Royal Ascot mood, Ann Summers suggests adding the Two Ended Feather Ticker Whip into the mix.

“You’ll be riding high to a big climax with this position”

Laura Whittaker

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, Laura Whittaker said: “This week sees the start of one of the biggest horse racing events of the year; Royal Ascot.

“Here at Ann Summers we don’t think the jockeys should be the only ones enjoying a ride this week, especially on Ladies’ Day, so it’s time to climb up in the saddle in the bedroom too.

“The Riding High position is the perfect way to celebrate your own Ladies’ Day, using your partner for a stimulating ride, helping you complete your own race to the finishing post.

“You’ll be riding high to a big climax with this position. And they’re off!”

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