Love guru reveals easiest way to spice up your sex life

Looking to spice up your sex life?

Apparently, there’s a simple way to get sparks flying in your relationship.

Sex therapist Dr Bridget M. Finn believes re-igniting passions is as easy as building anticipation before you get jiggy.

Here are her top tips.

Love guru Dr Finn is the author of Inspired Vagina, Capable Penis.

Recently, she revealed anticipation is as important as spontaneity when it comes to having sex.

The bigger the build up, the more satisfied you’ll feel when you finally get down to it.

Amplifying excitement can be as easy as telling your partner about your fantasies, or giving them a peek at your new lingerie.

Dirty talk and sexting should also leave your partner begging to get down and dirty.

Here are seven simple ways to build anticipation before having sex:

1. Get some new lingerie – Giving your lover a peek of the sexy undies will send them wild

2. Discuss your fantasies – Speaking about what turns you on is bound to get you in the mood

3. Send a sext – Telling your partner what you want to do to them should help to build excitement

4. Take a naughty picture – Sharing a cheeky snapshot will leave the recipient thinking about you all day

5. Get touchy – When you’re out on dates, subtly graze their body to hint at what’s to come later on

6. Don’t let them touch you – Treat your lover to a sensual massage or dance without letting them touch you – they’ll want to rip your clothes off by the end

7. Be a tease – Resist the urge to throw yourself into sex and start off slow. The pay-off will be well worth the wait.

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