Urologist suggests, when a Penis is too small and what really matters

Many men desire a bigger Penis. But when he is too small and what to watch for? A urologist reveals what really matters.

According to a British study, half the men with the size of your Penis is just unhappy. “After all, no one wants to see the length comparison below of the average value settled, but this is statistically half of the men in the case,” says the urologist and book-author, Christoph Pies, the HuffPost.

The average penis length in Germany cheat in the flaccid state, about nine inches and in erect state is about 13 inches.

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“Only at a length of seven centimeters in the erected state is referred to as a micro penis, because only then the function is limited,” says Pies.

However, only 0.6 percent of all men have such a really problematic under-sized Penis, as a study by the University College London showed.

No Penis OP

Of Penis enlargements Pies advises: “penis-prolonging measures or operations, I do not recommend. The cavernous body itself can not enlarge, namely, because they are the vessels of sponge-like blood.

The man – or better yet, the Couple simply needs to find the right way to deal with it.”

Also men with a relatively small Penis could reach the erogenous zones of the woman easily, said Pies. These were namely predominantly in the anterior part of the vagina.

“‘Too large, there is not practical”

“The female orgasm is not triggered by the fact that the member is particularly large. And ‘too large’ is there not Vice versa because the Vagina is very stretchy. The sheath enclosing the Penis – no matter how big or small it is. With appropriate sensitivity, no risk of injury on both sides,” says Pies.

Nevertheless, it is often very difficult to convey that even a below-average penis sizes are normal and have no negative impact on sexual function or satisfaction of the partner, says the urologist.

Thus, according to the British study on the satisfaction with the Penis size of just under 85 percent of all women with the Penis size of their partner satisfied.

“And if one of the women interviewed, say almost 80 per cent: Rather short and thick than long and thin,” said Pies.


This article was written by Moritz Diethelm