The German fasting this year

Fasting is becoming increasingly popular as an annual survey conducted by the DAK. Accordingly, 53 percent of the respondents said in 2002 they would have a several weeks of ongoing waiver of a specific beverage or consumer good from a health point of view makes sense. In the latest survey, with 63 percent, significantly more. You have been dispensed for a long period of time, even 64 percent. In 2002, there were only 51 percent.

Especially popular is the renunciation of alcohol, as the graph from Statista shows. 73 percent of respondents who find fasting sense, would temporarily consume no alcoholic beverages. 67 percent would forgo chocolate, 46 percent in meat. But also the consumption of Media is for some of the fasting in the foreground, as well as the waiver of the car.