Iskra Lawrence Opens Up About Weight Gain in New Instagram Post: 'We Are All So Much More Than Our Bodies'

Iskra Lawrence is pointing out that she has gained weight over the past few years—and with it a sense of empowerment. Now, she's spreading that message of body positivity to others.

On October 19, the 31-year-old model posted two images of herself to Instagram: one taken in 2015 and the other this year. In both photos, Lawrence is similarly posed, sitting on a bed with her arms in the air. "She has gained weight since the first pic but feels empowered because she knows she is more than her size," Lawrence put as a photo description in the caption.

That's the message she has for her followers: find deeper meaning than your reflection in the mirror or a number on the scale.

"When all we see is weight gain we negate all the life we've lived," wrote Lawrence, who welcomed her first child in April 2020. "As a society we perpetuate an obsession with physical appearance by judging one another and commenting on weight change. I've had hundreds of comments over the years about the size of my body – especially postpartum. So when I look in the mirror and see weight gain I choose instead to see all the other things I've gained from living life."

She went on to explain how much more enriched her life is now that she doesn't care as much about the number on the scale. "Not being consumed with the fear of weight gain or the obsession with weight loss thanks to recovery has allowed me to achieve so much more," Lawrence revealed.

"Maybe you're not there yet. Maybe you still only see your weight when you look in the mirror or hear the comments about your body louder than all the other compliments about who you are. You can and will get there," she continued. "Start off by thinking of all the things you've gained that aren't to do with your weight / appearance, write them down in a journal or a post it note on your mirror. And start finding ways to compliment yourself and others that aren't appearance based."

She even posted three slides after her side-by-side image that offered 15 compliments someone can give that aren't appearance-based, including:

  • You're such a good friend. I appreciate you always being there for me, it means a lot.
  • You have the best sense of humor. You make everyone around you laugh.
  • I love how passionate you are about the things you care about.
  • I love how much compassion you have for others.
  • I really admire and appreciate how open-minded you are.

She added that she hopes the compliment ideas will "inspire us to change the conversation about who we are, not what we look like."

Her followers were moved by both her message and advice, leaving comments like: "Screenshotted to read over and over," "You're an inspiration, thank you for sharing this," and "This this this!!! Thank you for doing this work and sharing it with us!"

To close out her post, Lawrence gave this reminder: "We are all so much more than our bodies. As you go through life cherish all the moments you collect that make you who you are today."

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