Heat: drugs at the end of the shopping to pick up

Whether heat or sunlight: pharmaceutical products are sensitive products, which need protection from these influences, so that they can act correctly. This is especially true now in the summer when the temperatures soar.

Who goes in the summer, shopping and medication to pick up, seek out the pharmacy at the best only as a last Station, and brings the products to the shortest possible way home. The Ursula Funke, President of the pharmacists Association of Hesse advises. Because even with the Windows open, the temperatures in the car rise slightly to up to 70 degrees.

Are drugs sun or heat – particularly during transport – too long exposed, they can take damage. Color and shape can change, cracks in the Coating of Dragees and tablets smell different than usual. If that is the case, must be disposed of in the medicines. In the case of liquid medicines, make sure that the substance attracts executed or is in the clouds. Some of the changes are not directly visible. In case of uncertainty, patients should consult to the pharmacist, advises Funke. In case of doubt prefer to dispose of than take.

Most medicines should be stored below 25 degrees Celsius and transported. A short-term Exceeding of the temperature is usually harmless, but should be as short as possible. However, there are also medications that need to be kept at a fixed temperature. These preparations bear an appropriate notation on the packaging. Here, the temperature must be ensured during Transport as well as storage.

This applies in particular for medicinal products in an unbroken cold must remain chain, and a continuous storage between two and eight degrees Celsius require. Here is a small cooler with ice for the way home batteries good services. But be careful: If the medicine or freezing, they lose their effectiveness. Medicines should not, therefore, directly with cold packs in contact with. The national chamber of pharmacists, Hessen recommends to wrap the batteries, for example, in a small kitchen towel. At home, the cooling agents drugs repealed well in the refrigerator door, here, the temperatures of two to eight degrees Celsius.

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