Coffee: Not more than 6 cups per day

The morning coffee saves many people a good way to Start the day, and for many of the work runs only with coffee around. But how many cups is too much? Studies at the University of South Australia have shown that one should not stop after six cups of coffee per day, in order to increase the risk for cardiovascular disease.

Many studies have already shown that coffee is good for health and even the risk for some diseases could be reduced. But there is also a limit: no More than six cups per day, it should not be, since otherwise there is the risk for cardiovascular diseases increases by 22 percent. The current study of coffee consumption and the health of 347.077 study participants, aged 37 to 73 years, were studied.

"To a healthy heart and a healthy, maintain blood pressure, you must restrict the people your coffee intake to less than six cups per day. Based on our data, six of the turning point, the caffeine began, the heart-cycle was to beeinflussen&quot risk negative;, Professor Elina Hypponen from the Australian centre for precision health said.

Too much caffeine could lead to hypertension, a precursor of heart disease. "Coffee is the most consumed stimulant in the world. Most people agree that you will feel nervous, irritable or even nauseous when you drink a lot of coffee. This is because caffeine helps your body to work faster and harder, but it is also a Signal that you have reached your limit haben", so Hypponen. "As with many things it’s all about moderation. Excessive consumption is reflected on the health."