Tori Spelling's Eldest Kids Are So Grown Up & She Couldn't Be Prouder of Their 'Kindness, Empathy & Confidence'

Tori Spelling’s eldest kids are nearly adults, and she couldn’t be prouder of the son and daughter she’s raised.

In an Instagram post shared on Sunday, the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum gushed about 16-year-old Liam and 15-year-old Stella. Alongside a photo of the two looking so grown up next to their mom, Spelling wrote, “I’m sorry, little Monkey and Buggy can’t come to the phone right now. Why? … Oh, ’cause they’re grown!”

The actress explained she wanted to take a photo with Liam and Stella before they headed to Homecoming, and both the teens towered over Spelling. Stella wore a baby blue mini dress with gauzy off-the-shoulder sleeves and a pair of black platform Converse, and Liam was casual in grungy utility pants, an edgy button-up shirt, and chunky leather boots. They clearly both have a penchant for ’90s style at the moment!

“Forever in my eyes they’ll appear their 2 and 3 year old selves with me holding their hands,” Spelling wrote. “Now, both taller than me. It happens!” She continued, “These 2 I can proudly say lead with kindness, empathy, and confidence. But, they are wise and aware and just really cool humans. Proud to be their mom,” she emotionally added.

The outpouring of love didn’t stop there though — Spelling continued, “I trust these 2 because they are just good kids and GET IT! So filled with love and beaming with proudness as mama helps baby birds take flight. No doubt these 2 will soar! And, best of all, they deserve to!” she concluded.

Fans also couldn’t believe how grown up both Stella and Liam are — one of Spelling’s followers commented, “They were the cutest kids and now have grown up to be gorgeous ‘almost’ adults!” Another wrote, “It’s amazing how grown-up they are I can’t believe it! I remember watching your show, and when monkey was born!”

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Time certainly is a thief, but it’s also such a privilege and joy to watch kids blossom into the adults you raised them to be. Spelling is surely feeling just that these days when it comes to her nearly 18-year-old kiddos.

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