Sharna Burgess’ Reflective Never-Before-Seen Maternity Photo Is the Definition of Self-Love

Sharna Burgess will soon to be a first-time parent, with her due date approaching closer and closer. To both celebrate her amazing journey and her 37th birthday, she uploaded a nude, never-before-seen photo from her maternity shoot. 

On June 21, Burgess posted a gorgeous nude photo from her maternity photoshoot with Mona Marandy Studio and fans have been losing it over the show-stopping, never-before-seen photo. Burgess decided to use this photo as the focus of her 37th birthday reflection, posting it alongside the caption: “37. And it keeps gettin better 🤍”

“I reflected on my last 5 years today. From an emotional rock bottom to beginning my journey of seeing and knowing myself, of loving myself and knowing what I want and need,” she added. “To today… having everything I’ve ever dreamed and more. Life, this life I’m living, who it’s with and the life growing inside me was always there waiting for me, waiting for me to be ready for it.”

She continued, saying: “Trust the divine timing of life. Everything happens as it is meant to. Every choice, every fall and every triumph. Every heartache and every blessing. I wouldn’t change a single thing about my 37 years on this planet. The good bad and ugly all lead me right here, To true, wholehearted joy and unconditional love. I have everything I need, and yet I know there is so much more to come. 🤍”

You can see the photo HERE.

In the nude photo, we see Burgess rock her iconic soft curls as she cradles her growing baby bump and covers her breasts. Truly, this photo belongs in a museum. And we adore the self-love-filled caption that acknowledges her journey up to this moment.

The Australian dancer is expecting her first child with Brian Austin Green. They’re expecting a boy to arrive on July 4, 2022, and they’ve been over the moon.

In a recent interview alongside Green with Good Morning America, she said: “I’m experiencing the magic and the not-so-magical parts of it. Pregnancy’s a trip.” She also said she can’t wait to raise a kid with “amazing dad” Green because she fell in love with “the way he parents.” She added, “And I thought, ‘Man, it would be so incredible to raise a child with him.’”


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