LOL! Celebrity Parents Reveal Most Inappropriate Things Their Kids Have Said

Kids say the darndest things! These celebrity parents shared some of the most inappropriate things that have come out of their little one’s mouths.

Although Whitney Port, Jenny Mollen and more moms have hilarious stories to share, a few stars told Us Weekly exclusively that their kids are too “well-behaved” for such comments.

“They don’t ask very many inappropriate things,” Alfonso Ribeiro told Us exclusively. “Mommy has done a good job.”

But unlike the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air alum, Catherine Lowe opened up about the time her younger son, Isaiah, embarrassed her — even though he wasn’t old enough to talk at the time.

“Isaiah was sitting there at a pretty nice lunch and he just ‘did a dirty’ and I’m like, ‘Whatever, we’ll just wait to change him after,’” the Bachelor alum explained to Us. “Long story short, it escaped and I had to go into the bathroom, cackling. I couldn’t see [because] I was laughing so hard, but I had to somehow clean this child who now had no clothes on because he had soiled his clothes and mommy didn’t bring an extra shirt. He had to leave the bathroom with his bib as a shirt.”

The graphic designer added, “It was pretty embarrassing walking around this nice restaurant with my baby who had completely demolished his clothes.”

As for Rachel Zoe, when her children have said questionable things over the years, the fashion designer has figured out exactly how to handle it.

“They don’t know it’s inappropriate, so you have to kind of, like, not freak them out and make them feel like it’s safe for them to ask you that and you can talk about anything,” Zoe told Us. “So you just have to sometimes take a breath. I’ll look at Rodger [Berman] and I’ll be like, ‘You want to take this one?’ It’s very funny. Parenting is really like a comedy sketch, honestly. We’re all just trying to figure it out as we go and do our best.”

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