Meet 6 Amazing Women Who Travel The World With Their Kids

There are certainly plenty of reasons you can conjure up not to take time off to travel — too many responsibilities, like work and young children and, particularly, both. But there are also tons of working mothers who prove that many women can indeed travel the world with a job and kids.

Of course, it’s not secret that working mothers seldom have time for themselves — let alone to travel. In fact, according to a Welch’s study, working moms pretty much work around the clock. That’s because, between work and family responsibilities, they work the equivalent of two full-time jobs, clocking in an average of 98 hours per week.

But these inspirational working mothers have figured out how to travel the world with their children, nonetheless. Without negating many other women’s valid, inimitable situations that do keep them from traveling, these working mom bloggers and influencers are truly motivational. Here are six working mothers who find time to travel (some of whom travel full time) with their children.

1. Leslie of Trips with Tykes

Leslie of Trips with Tykes is a San Francisco-based working mother of two, a son and daughter. A former lawyer of 10 years, she now runs her family travel blog full time, which she says is devoted to “simplifying the logistics of traveling with young kids.” Her work helps other mothers navigate the occasional in-flight temper tantrum or battle with TSA over their toddlers’ juice boxes. In fact, within a few months of her son’s birth, he’d already logged his first flight hours, gotten his passport and joined a few frequent flyer programs. Since, she’s been blogging about everything from summer travel gear for traveling with children to the best credit cards for family travel.

2. Adanna of Rattles & Heels

Adanna of Rattles & Heels calls herself a 30-something millennial mother of two daughters and a son, who hails from the Caribbean island of Grenada but now lives with her family in New York City. She’s a full-time blogger who covers everything from free things to do with children in her home of New York City to packing tips for parents nervous about flying with toddlers or babies.  Her travels mostly span American cities, the Caribbean and Europe.

3. Carol of Girl Gone Travel

Carol of Girl Gone Travel wears many hats. Beyond being an award-winning travel blogger, she’s also a communications professor, a public speaker, the owner of a social media marketing and branding agency and a mother of three boys and two dogs. She blogs about everything from public relations insights and advice to her unplugged family vacations in Vermont and what her children teach her about travel photography.

4. Jessica of Suitcases & Sippy Cups

Jessica of Suitcases & Sippy Cups says she comes from a family that’s, in a word, average.

“We’re just a typical family — a mom and a dad, four kids, all boys,” she writes on her blog. “We are a middle-class family living in Middle America right smack in the middle of the suburbs. We’ve got a house with three bedrooms and two and a half baths, and two cars. You won’t be surprised to learn that one of them is a minivan. In a word, we are average.”

But Jessica still finds a way to travel the world with her four children while homeschooling them and working on the blog, covering everything from travel tips to combatting the feelings of Can I actually do this?

5. Andrea of EarthyAndy

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You always gain by giving love! ❤️??❤️ . To all the men out there who give their time endlessly, get down on their knees to play with their children, who work hard, love hard and enjoy the blessing it is to be a dad, Happy Father’s Day! I’m so grateful for my dad. He was a great friend to me my entire life and my ultimate exemplar. One of the best things he taught me was how to make things happen for myself. He taught me anything is possible if you put in the work and see things through. I see these same qualities in Shem as a father and I’m beyond grateful my kids get to have that guidance throughout their life! Shem is a great dad! He truly loves our children, he is their friend, and he makes them a priority in his life and I couldn’t be more grateful for that! ❤️❤️❤️ #fathersday

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Andrea of EarthyAndy is a health and Hawaii travel blogger. She lives in the North Shore of Oahu with her husband and three sons, with whom she adventures around Hawaii and the world. She’s a firm believer in “you don’t need to do elaborate trips to appreciate the world; sometimes world travels just means exploring a new corner of your current world,” according to her blog. As such, she covers everything from where to eat out in Hawaii, her home, to her Euro trip with her boys.

“Kids are so fun to experience the world with!” she writes on her blog. “[My husband and I] used to travel before kids, and that’s incredible in its own way and now to experience it with and through their eyes is just as fun and rewarding.”

6. Bethaney of Flashpacker Family Travel Blog

Bethaney of Flashpacker Family Travel Blog hails from New Zealand, but she travels the world with her family of four — her English husband, Lee, and their two children, their son, Reuben, and their daughter, Hazel — while running their online business together. Rueban has already traveled through 20 countries, and Hazel has been traveling since she was just a few months old. Still, at just over a year old, she’s already been on helicopter rides, on cruises and has climbed volcanoes, traversing 15 countries and counting. Bethaney blogs about everything from travel gear like toddler beds to tackling jet lag in toddlers and babies.

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