Happy New Year 2019: 7 ways to celebrate the day with your child

New Year's Day 2019: Leave all your work aside for a day and spend the entire day with your child and other family members. Here are some ways in which you can have fun with your family.

New Year’s Day could be a great opportunity to spend time with your family members and bond with them. So, before you get back to your mundane routine this year, here are six ways in which you can spend the first day of the year with your family and feel rejuvenated.

1. No-gadget day

Spend the first day of the year away from your laptop and mobile or other devices. Devote your time entirely to your family without any form of distraction.

2. Plan an outing

Plan a short winter getaway to some place, a picnic at a park, an adventure or visit some friends and relatives on this day. Ask your child where he or she wants to go and plan a trip accordingly.

3. Play board games together

Take out your child’s favourite board game and play with him or her along with other family members. You can also introduce your child to some new board game. This would be great way to bond with the little one.

4. Read a book together

This New Year’s Day, gift your child a new book and read it with him or her.

5. Watch a movie together

Choose your favourite family movie and watch it together or go to the movie theatre.

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6. Do some gardening

Take out some time to tend your garden. Teach some gardening techniques to your child and encourage him or her to help you out in the process.

7. Cook together

No celebration can be complete without gorging on your favourite delicacies. On this day, choose some easy and quick recipes and involve your child in cooking some delicious treats at home.


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