Health tip: great In Smoothies spinach developed a much better effect!

How can the nutrients in spinach when preparing optimally protected?

Can be amplified the positive impact of vegetables, when used in a Smoothie? Swedish Researchers found out now that spinach exerts its nutrients even better if the vegetables are processed to a Smoothie.

The scientists from the Linköping University discovered in their recent study that the processing of spinach to a Smoothie provides the highest intake of the nutrient Lutein. The experts published the results of their study in the English journal “Food Chemistry”.

What is Lutein?

When spinach is processed to make a Smoothie, maximizes the consumption of the nutrient Lutein. Lutein is a so-called antioxidant, which is associated with the reduction of inflammation, the aging of the brain, the increase of intelligence and preserving the eyesight. Lutein must be obtained from foods, especially green leafy vegetables, however, is degraded when Heated. The Team from the University of Linköping has therefore set itself the goal to determine the best method for the preservation of Lutein. For their experiments, the experts chose spinach. Spinach contains a relatively large amount of Lutein and is, in principle, available everywhere.

Which preparation method is optimal for Lutein?

The researchers bought baby spinach from a local supermarket and subjected to the spinach to the usual cooking techniques: boiling, Frying, Steaming, microwave heating, as well as cold methods of preparation, such as salads or Smoothies. What is Unique about this study is that the preparation methods were used, which are often used in the preparation of food at home. In addition, different temperatures and times of heating were compared, says the author of the Study Lena Jonasson from the Linköping University.

Why maximize a Smoothie the Lutein intake?

As expected, the heat proved to be problematic for the Lutein. The longer the spinach was cooked, the less nutrients. When the spinach was fried, destroyed a large part of the Lutein in just two minutes. Spinach should not be heated in the best case, most of the Lutein obtained, report the researchers. This also explains why a Smoothie is the best method of preparation. When the spinach is cut into small pieces, will set the Lutein in spinach also better. Fat from the enclosed milk or yogurt to increase the solubility of this Lutein, add the scientists. (as)