Nausea and headaches: The best home remedies for the new year’s eve hangover

Alcohol and the consequences: What helps against a hangover on new year’s day really

Anyone who has indulged in on new year’s eve to many alcoholic drinks, wakes up on new year’s morning, usually with bad headaches, a sick stomach feeling, and Nausea. However, there is a remedy. Experts explain, what really helps against the nasty hangover.

Tips and Tricks for the hangover on new year’s day

Thumping headache, Nausea and dizziness: The new year begins for many people with a severe hangover. Although everyone knows that it can come after a boozy night to such complaints, but to drink less or no alcohol, for many, is not a solution. If, however, some tips and Tricks to be respected, you do not experience health problems often. And if Yes, home remedies to help with hangovers.

Waiting for the hangover-free alcohol

Some of those who wakes up after a critically acclaimed night with a headache, abdominal pain, and Nausea, are possibly reminded of messages from the past few years, in which the development of a hangover-free alcohol has been reported.

However, it will take according to the researchers, at least until 2050, up to there is this. Therefore, experts tips against hangovers continue to be welcome.

Hearty meals before Drinking

Experts advise, before the celebrations, hearty, salty, fat – and food rich in calories, to protect itself from the “hangover” afterwards.

Fat inhibits the absorption of alcohol into the blood and the salt prevents the urine prior to the driving effect of the ethanol. Pasta, tuna in Oil, or baked potatoes work well as a “basis”.

Avoided alcohol should be on an empty stomach. “Who drinks on an empty stomach, drunk more quickly, so something high-Fat like a Sausage to eat,” advises the Federal Union of German associations of Pharmacists (ABDA) in a message.

Do not mess drink

You should always drink plenty of water to beer, and Co.

“Alcohol as a thirst quencher. The celebrations and Dancing of the body is much more pleased with a glass of water,“ writes the Federal centre for health education (BZgA).

And further: “Alcoholic drinks are not down, but drink slowly.”

It makes sense to stay and have a drink, because:

“Who drinks of a mess, tends to take a total of more alcohol. The not more is due to the fact that the third beer tastes just as good as the first. You then grab the wine, or sparkling wine, the variety, and this in turn increases the desire for the Drink,” – said on the Portal, “know your Limit” by the BZgA.

As a mineral-Snacks-rich include nuts, cheese bites, liver-sausage sandwiches, or a hearty soup to recommend. You will help the alcohol harmless Mineral stores to restock.

As it comes to a hangover

The main cause for the headache is substances is the lack of water and minerals. This also leads to the strong thirst and the dry mouth the Morning after.

Carbonated or warm, sugar drinks, such as punch and liqueurs, the rich are particularly intense.

Cheap wines and spirits also contain so-called Fuselalkohole, which can amplify the headache the Morning after.

There’s also a lack of oxygen affects uncomfortable, it can be promoted a fierce hangover, if you are staying in overcrowded rooms.

Complaints on new year’s morning relieve

If despite all the preventive measures on new year’s morning, a hangover, dizziness and Nausea setting in, I fight spritzers complaints best with plenty of mineral water, fruit juice and a sour-salty “hangover Breakfast“.

Other food that can appear after a period of heavy alcohol consumption as a home remedy for headaches, are pickles a hearty sauerkraut stew, brather Inge, olives, Salty and sour.

The acid promotes the degradation of Alcohol, the salt replenishes lost minerals and the hot spices are good to stimulate the digestion.

As a home remedy for Nausea teas, such as chamomile tea.

Walk in the fresh air

From the so-called “counter-beer” according to the experts. “The old drinking rule, however, On further alcohol should be avoided in the Morning”, – stated in the ABDA-communication.

Against the so-called “Nachdurst” help spritzers carbonated mineral water or fruit juice. Of sparkling water, you should prefer to let the Finger since the carbon dioxide irritating the already damaged stomach.

Coffee on the stomach and enhanced with some hangover-ridden headache. Caffeine not the alcohol in the blood, only the fatigue disappears temporarily.

Can help, however, is an Espresso with lemon juice. Here’s the acid in the lemon breaks down the alcohol. By a walk in the fresh air, it brings the circuit to the celebrate back in the swing. (ad)