Your bowel is healthy? 19-point Test reveals that your gut bacteria

A healthy gut is important for the entire body. However, as you will find out how the bacteria in your gut? Doctor Michaela Axt-Gadermann has developed a Test of the potential confounding factors exposed for a healthy intestinal flora.

The intestinal flora decides – as researchers are now agreed on this, often on slender or thick and often through healthy or sick. It is important, what types of bacteria colonize the intestines and in what quantities.

Information about the condition of your intestinal bacteria can give the following Test. Answer all the questions with "Ja" or "Nein". You will find the answers under the questions.

The Test comes from the book “Gone with the gut” by Michaela Axt-Gadermann.

Category 1: Drugs

Category 2: diseases and complaints

Category 3: Life Style


Southwest publishing Any question you with "Ja" have answered, gives you a hint of what could be wrong with your bowel.

The more often you are in category 1 with "Ja" answered, the greater the likelihood that your intestinal flora is disturbed. Because the above-mentioned drugs cause germs to permanent changes in the Gut. Talk with your doctor about the possible effects of the drugs prescribed on the intestinal flora.

Each of the category 2 mentioned diseases and discomfort may be the consequence of a disturbed intestinal flora or of a permeable intestinal barrier. If you here is a question with "Ja" answered, talk to your doctor specifically to a connection of the symptoms with your bowel health.

Nutrition and Fitness will affect the bacteria in the gut. Questions in category 3 with "Ja" have answered will give you insight into what habits she should report to your gut for the sake of change.

Accurate analysis: have you a stool sample to investigate

Anyone who wants to know it exactly, can leave his chair to investigate. Thanks to modern methods you will gain very accurate information about the roommate in your gut. You will learn what bacteria are missing and what may be in too large a number.

For a stool examination either by your doctor, and a chair tube, or request a tube directly in a laboratory.