Type 405, 550, 1050: Which flour to use for what is suitable and especially for whom

Spelt flour is always better than the Wheat? What is in types 405, 550, and 1050? FOCUS Online explains the differences of flours, what the types are and which flour is suitable for whom.

With flour, we have to do every day – we usually eat it in the Form of bread, rolls or pastries. Depending on which variety has been processed, is it better or worse for the health. A short flour comparison:

The types 405, 550, and 1050 are

Who keeps a bag of flour in Hand, sees a number on it. However, what is this? Each grain consists out of shell, Endosperm and germ. Then the grains are ground to flour. The larger the number is, the higher the remaining proportion of grains of shells in the flour. That is, Mehltyp 1050 is more coarse-grained than Mehltyp 405.

At the same time increases with the number of content of fiber, vitamins, vegetable protein and minerals. Flour with the designation of 405 thus contains 405 milligrams of minerals per 100 grams.

Flour to whole grain no type number found, because all the components of the grain are included.

What kind is the healthiest?

Some people keep spelt flour a flat rate for the healthiest. Is that true? May not. In fact, the substances it contains more minerals than the wheat flour. However, rye flour holds in respect of the minerals to the top.

Looking at the dietary fiber of wheat and spelt are the same, the rye is again in the front.