Tone It Up's Katrina Scott Says She 'Didn't Lose Much Weight' 6 Weeks After Baby

Katrina Scott opened up about feeling societal pressure to lose baby weight — and empowering other moms who didn’t “bounce back” immediately.

In side-by-side shots on Instagram, Scott shared a photo of her body from the week after she was approved to exercise next to a photo taken after working out for five weeks. In the caption, she wrote, “If you’ve been watching my stories you saw that I didn’t lose much weight in the 6 weeks after having Isabelle. Keep in mind I wasn’t trying, but everyone told me I would ‘bounce back’ immediately!”

The fitness blogger, 35, gave birth to her daughter, Isabelle Margaret, in October.

“I was just breastfeeding and eating well (keeping up with calories for milk supply and grabbing anything quick and easy),” Scott continued, “and I stayed pretty much the same…actually I feel like I got softer from not working out. ?(that happen to any other mamas?) So it got me thinking — personally, my body needs exercise to tone up and to see any results, so it makes sense that I wouldn’t just drop pounds just sitting around the house with my boobs out.”

“It’s been 5 weeks of working out and I already feel so much better — I have more energy, I feel stronger, and I’m feeling excited and more empowered to be a mama every day.”

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Scott added that she’ll be filming the workouts she’s been doing for the Tone It Up App, and documenting her post-baby body journey for the Tone It Up Love Your Body series.

Scott kicked off the series on the Tone It Up Instagram account — with Isabelle in tow!

In the video, Scott said, “The Love Your Body series is here, and to kick it off I want to show you something pretty special. I want us all to upload very a raw video — here I am, no makeup, no filter no nothing.”

“I want to share what we love about our bodies right now,” Scott continued. “Not in eight weeks, not the journey, but right now as we are. So I’m gonna start. I love my body right now, 20 pounds heavier than I was pre-baby, and I’m in no rush to do anything different than where I am right now. I’m excited to build up my strength.”

“I appreciate my post-baby belly for all that it has given me and where it’s at right now. I appreciate my mind for my mental health and practicing mindfulness every day — and my heart for being strong and loving this one and loving all of you,” the new mom finished.

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Six days after giving birth, Scott posted another side-by-side Instagram, showing off her body pre and post-baby.

“On the left I felt like I was the strongest & most in shape I had ever been— but wow was I wrong,” the fitness blogger captioned the post. “I had no idea what I was capable of.”

“I’m so much more proud of the body on the right. I fought harder for it, sacrificed so much more, embraced every day as it came, surrendered to all the change, pushed through the hard days & challenges with a smile on my face & kept a positive perspective when things got tough,” Scott continued.

“I showed myself how truly amazing the female body is. I appreciate and love my body & all that it has done more than I ever have before.”

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