This Is How Much Your Friends’ Babies Cost You Every Year

Do a quick recce of all your mates who are mums and they’ll confirm: babies aren’t cheap. Between the nappies, cot and car seat, the expenses go up… And up. And up. But it turns out parents aren’t the only ones whose wallets are suffering since having kids.

According to new research, every time your friend pops one out it sets you back $512 that year alone and a whopping $2,213 over the course of a decade.

The survey, conducted by found that respondents who regularly attend celebrations of a close pal’s child, also purchase gifts for them too. This includes Easter, Christmas and birthdays. The average price spent on each occasion? $52, $71 and $66 respectively. If it’s twins, double it.

And that’s just for one family…

Consider this permission to skip the congratulatory flowers from now on in.

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