This Girl Scout Proved That Jason Momoa & Samoas Are a Winning Combination

They say meme culture is destroying our youth, but one enterprising Girl Scout in Colorado turned memes into dreams when she decided to transform boxes of her Samoa cookies into Jason Momoa cookies. After seeing a few Momoa/Samoa memes online (both are admittedly delicious), “Cookie CEO” Charlotte Holmberg got her marketing pro mom to help her with the cookie rebranding of a lifetime.

Together, they designed new packaging that featured the totally ripped Momoa in his role as Aquaman on the classic purple artwork you’d find on a box of Samoas, then printed it out and attached it to the actual boxes of cookies.

Honestly? They look amazing. Charlotte is proving herself to be a bit of a cookie-selling whiz, earning her title of “Cookie CEO” last year after selling a whopping 2,000 boxes of cookies. It seems like this year, she could be on her way to besting that number.

“The moms are getting really excited and they’re saying that they need them,” Charlotte told Denver’s 9News, “The girls will wanna buy some because he’s on the front. And the boys will also wanna buy some because he’s, like, he might be, like, their favorite character.”

She says that since she’s rebranded, sales have skyrocketed. I mean, the only thing better than impulse buying a box of cookies from a kid outside the post office is being able to look at Momoa’s smoldering gaze and chiseled physique while you dig in, right? As long as he can’t see the toasted coconut and cookie crumbs that inevitably wind up all over my front, that is.

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