These are the sex toys Canadians are buying

A new study by one of Canada’s largest sex toy retailers shows that Canadians are both kinky and old-school when it comes to the types of toys and accessories we’re buying to enhance our sex lives. The Toronto-based company PinkCherry dishes about the racy things Canadians are purchasing for their bedrooms, including which cities buy the most sex toys.

Residents of Calgary, Regina and Sudbury bought the most toys and accessories from PinkCherry. The company also found that most Canadians clicked on its lingerie and bondage sections, so we can deduce that Canadians have pretty active imaginations when it comes to their sex lives.

So what are the top three most common purchases Canadians are making from the company that boasts the status of being the “largest online adult retailer in Canada”?

1. The Original Magic Wand / $70

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However, another reviewer wrote, “The Hitachi is loud. It can definitely be heard through your door, and maybe even in the next room if your walls are thin, but it sounds more high pitched and electronic.”

You’ve been warned!

2. Black furry handcuffs / $7


The furry handcuffs in black were also a top PinkCherry seller in Canada. While some reviewers on PinkCherry’s product page rave about these handcuffs and how comfy the faux fur is on their wrists, others complain that the cuffs are too small for bigger wrists and that they break easily: “A bit small so if your wrists are very big you should probably continue looking.”

Other users complain that the keys are just for show, and you can’t, you know, actually keep someone prisoner (I think that’s a good thing!). “My girlfriend got a little disappointed that it was possible to open them without the keys,” writes one reviewer.

3. Water-based lube


PinkCherry statistics also show that lube is a big seller among Canadians. The rating for its water-based personal lube is overwhelmingly high.

One reviewer said, “A little more thick than most lubes but lasts longer, feels great, and the clean up was easy!” Another points out that you don’t need to use much of this lube, and it seems to last forever.

Other popular items

Other popular items from PinkCherry’s Top 200 Bestselling Sex Toys list include:

Who buys the most sex toys?

PinkCherry’s study also released a list of which Canadian cities/towns bought the most sex toys:

  1. Calgary
  2. Regina
  3. Sudbury
  4. Saskatoon
  5. Kelowna
  6. Laval
  7. St. John’s
  8. Kingston
  9. Edmonton
  10. Winnipeg
  11. Ottawa
  12. Oakville
  13. Barrie
  14. Victoria
  15. Burnaby
  16. Surrey
  17. Guelph
  18. London
  19. Richmond
  20. Halifax
  21. Kitchener
  22. Burlington
  23. Windsor
  24. Longueuil
  25. Vancouver
  26. Gatineau
  27. Richmond Hill
  28. Toronto
  29. Mississauga
  30. Markham
  31. Hamilton
  32. Sherbrooke
  33. Brampton
  34. Oshawa
  35. Vaughan
  36. Montreal
  37. Chicoutimi
  38. Quebec City
  39. Trois-Rivières
  40. St. Catharines

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