These are the 5 most common mistakes that exacerbate a cold

A flu infection, so a cold, and therefore usually comes with three unwelcome companions: cough, runny nose and hoarseness. An average of two to five times in the year, such an infection caught us. A cold in itself is actually harmless, of course, and the duration are, however, very different. (Also read: 4 tips to help with flu-like infections) In the case of some of you, it takes, according to apotheken Umschau, up to two weeks – this may also be due to a wrong treatment. The following errors are widespread, and preventable:

1. Antibiotic is often not the Right thing for a cold,

In the case of a simple cold antibiotic may not help often at all. You will, in fact, in most cases, caused by viruses and not by bacteria against which an antibiotic can help. Bacterial diseases such as almond or middle ear can be inflammation, however, the result of a flu-like infection.

2. Not too much nose spray!

If the nose is clogged, grab many first of all to the nasal spray. One spray left, spray right, and in no time you can breathe again. What sounds so beautiful, but can also be quite dangerous. If you apply the Spray for too long, get used to the nose on the active substance and the mucosa can skin now without you swells without the nasal spray again and again. Back to get rid of, is often a long process.

The "German Pharmacist Zeitung" to not remember that many clean the applicator in the nasal spray and it can come in use to reinfection. Gentle Sprays that are made of pure salt-water, rinses, or Inhaled with steam are here.

3. Wrong nose cleaning can be dangerous

Loud Blowing your nose through both nostrils, and the cold secretions can press holes in the sinuses. There, it can be put firmly, and for a painful sinus or otitis media worries. This risk can be reduce by a nose-a nose brush shuts the hole, and with the other lightly blow. In fact, even better: the nose pull up.

4. No saunas or bathing in a cold

A runny nose with a sauna, while prevention, should treat him thus, however. The intensive exchange of hot to cold messes with the autonomic regulation of body temperature, and makes the battered body for extra Stress. This also applies to baths. At elevated temperature from 37 degrees, you should avoid saunas and baths in any case.

5. Too little rest

The most Important thing for a cold is rest. The health insurance company DAK warns: do not Get the body the opportunity to recover fully, there is the risk of sequelae. Greater efforts and Stress the immune system and is made of a harmless infection of the nose can also be sinusitis, Bronchitis, or even inflammation of the heart muscle. Therefore Plenty of rest is at a cold: and in fever, the bed should be treasured. (You might also be interested in: flu or cold? So you see the difference)

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