Study: camel milk can prevent Diabetes

Anti-inflammatory effect of camel milk demonstrated

Camel milk is a very nutritious food with a high content of Vitamin C, iron, calcium, Insulin, and protein. Compared to cow’s milk the milk of camels has a lower fat content, which is also in the higher dimensions of polyunsaturated fatty acids. In the past, it was already reported several times about the anti-inflammatory properties of camel’s milk. A research team has now investigated whether the milk is suitable for the prevention of Diabetes and came to amazing results.

The many as a Superfood it is claimed to milk, according to numerous reports anti-inflammatory properties, and it is a miracle product for diabetics be. Researchers from the Cardiff Metropolitan University in England, the effects of the camel milk in a study now in more detail. In fact, the Team in the lab has shown that lipids of camel milk inflammatory reactions, suppress with type 2 Diabetes and Obesity in conjunction. The results have recently been Functional in the journal “Foods in Health & Disease“ is presented.

Harmful belly fat provides for inflammatory reactions

Diabetes is one of the biggest current health problems. In Germany alone around seven million people suffer from it. It is known that the abdominal fat is around the waist is a risk factor for the development of type 2 Diabetes. The reason for this is that certain phagocytic cells (macrophages) migrate into the adipose tissue and messengers set free, with the emergence of insulin resistance and type 2 Diabetes.

Inflammation without infection

Normally, the body responds with inflammation to fight infections. The research group stresses the suffering of Obese and diabetic but under inflammation, without infection. This can lead to numerous complications, including life-threatening heart diseases and strokes.

Nutrition plays a Central role in Diabetes

In several studies the importance of diet for the prevention and treatment of type 2 have been highlighted by Diabetes. For example, the Mediterranean has been recommended diet, multiple studies diet for Diabetes. Now the scientists wanted to find out, scientists from the Cardiff Metropolitan University, if the camel milk is suitable for the prevention and cure of Diabetes, because over the years, some hints were published that indicate that the consumption of this milk can help with Diabetes.

Fat with fat fighting

The research team fed macrophages in the laboratory with lipids of camel milk. The Team was able to prove that the phagocytes in the connection offered is less inflammation-causing substances sent out. A mixture of saturated and unsaturated camel milk fatty acids showed the largest effect. A particularly interesting finding was that the milk in the proportion of the protein complex was reduced, which is under the name of Inflammasome is known. These proteins are considered to be a key driver of the inflammation associated with type 2 Diabetes.

Can prevent camel milk Diabetes?

So far, the effect has been demonstrated only in laboratory experiments. “If these effects could be used in studies with people repeatedly, this would show that the camel milk can prevent the Diabetes-related inflammation,” says Keith Morris, a Professor of Biomedicine and biostatistics at Cardiff Metropolitan University, in a press release of the study results. These results could also explain the benefits that have been associated with the consumption of camel’s milk in the context. Whether camel’s milk alleviates actually Diabetes cures or the associated inflammation, has yet to be tested in a clinical trial with people. (vb)