Cow’s milk and beef cause cancer-tumors – Researchers warn of excessive consumption

Make us cow’s milk and beef sick?

The German cancer research center (DKFZ) warns currently facing a newly discovered pathogen that is widely used in cow’s milk and beef products. Researchers found several relationships between the so-called BMMF-Eregern from milk and meat of animals of the bovine species and the Occurrence of colon cancer, and breast cancer. Furthermore, the pathogen suspected to cause chronic inflammation.

A Team led by cancer researcher and Nobel laureate Harald zur Hausen discovered in a ten-year research work, a novel pathogen that is located in almost all European cow’s milk and beef products. The researchers reported, “Bovine Milk and Meat Factors&#8220 should; (short-BMMF) the risk for colorectal cancer and possibly for other types of cancer such as breast cancer as well as chronic diseases increase. The current state of research were recently presented at a press conference at the German cancer research center.

The pathogen has already spread everywhere

The Team examined the blood sera of hundreds of European dairy cows, and also numerous samples of milk and milk products from supermarkets were analysed. Furthermore, hundreds of human blood samples were taken from healthy people, as well as of colon cancer-Affected under the magnifying glass. Everywhere the researchers were able to find. “We probably are infected already all BMMFs,” says the research team.

A previously unknown pathogens increases the risk of cancer

On the basis of previous studies and data, the Team made the following hypothesis: The infection with BMMF successes often already in early infancy or childhood. The exciter set, then in the gut and in the chest and push chronic inflammatory reaction favouring the development of cancer. Could also develop decades after infection, a tumour disease.

The list of evidence is long

The current results still provide no definitive proof of whether the consumption of cow’s milk increases the risk of cancer. But Red meat can cause cancer – this has been proven by numerous studies. From the current geographical analysis of the distribution of colon and breast cancer, many more circumstantial evidence for the connection between cow’s milk, beef, and the Occurrence of cancer resulting diseases. As the researchers noted,

  • are the highest rates of bowel cancer in the world, to find regions that have the largest per capita consumption of milk and beef products.
  • show the regions with low consumption, such as India, where the cow is sacred, very low colon and breast cancer Rates.
  • the number of breast cancer incidence increased rates in the Indian Region, where cow’s milk was introduced to the care of the children.
  • women develop a milk sugar intolerance less likely to be breast cancer.

Cattle is not cattle

Mainly, the pathogen appears to be located in the European cattle (Bos taurus), because in countries such as Bolivia and Mongolia are to be found in spite of high beef consumption low colon cancer rates. Here, however, is not bred with the European cattle, but cattle is the line Zebus (Bos indicus). Data from Japan and Korea support this Hypothesis, since there is a strong increase of colorectal cancer was observed after enhanced meat products were made from European beef imports.

Babies do not give too early for cow’s milk

The Team of Nobel prize winner zur Hausen suspects that a waiver of beef and cow’s milk may not protect against the pathogen BMMF, after it was already infected. The researchers, from rates to feed babies younger than a year, with cow’s milk or zuzufüttern. Best for the immune system of the child is to breast-feeding over this period. So a better protection against the infection. The children are infected too early with the BMMFs, could develop an immune tolerance, and the pathogens have an open road. (vb)