More likely to be Overweight and cancer in bargain hunters

Buyer of food from the advertising actions tend to be Overweight

According to a recent study, consumers have to buy, the enhanced food and beverage promotions, and more obesity than those without such a bargain. Due to the strong Overweight to the risk for cancer increases diseases.

Increased Risk Of Cancer

Consumer, the filling in the supermarket, your shopping cart, especially with food and drinks offered as a bargain, are more often obese than those who forgo the special offers. This context, a study by the British Foundation for Cancer Research UK. Due to the strong Overweight, the risk for a minimum of 13 different types of cancer, including breast and colorectal cancer is increasing, according to the study authors. The professionals are in favour, to regulate the tempting special offers by law.

A study has shown that people, when buying food strongly on bargain are mostly thicker, than those who avoid promotions. By the Overweight, the risk for cancer increases diseases. (Image: iron Hans/

Bargain-buyers are opting for less fruit and vegetables

According to a communication from the study, which dealt with the habits of more than 16,000 British house showed that people whose shopping baskets contained about 40-80 percent of special offers, a greater likelihood for Obesity.

The evaluation also showed that almost half of the purchased chocolate, crisps, Popcorn and savoury Snacks from special advertising originated actions.

Bargain-loving consumers also bought 30 per cent less fruit and almost 25 percent less vegetables. This is the equivalent of almost six kilograms less fruit and vegetables per month, as in the case of buyers who tend to avoid the special offers.

Foods that are high in fat, salt or sugar content

According to the authors, around three out of ten purchased food and beverages in great Britain special offers.

The people who bought the most bargain, bought 25 per cent more food and drinks high in fat, salt or sugar content, which corresponds to approximately eleven additional unhealthy products per month.

For obesity (obesity) to keep the probability of people out of the house, which had bought most of the food and Drink out of special actions, in comparison to those who had bought least, almost 30 percent higher.

Obesity is a national epidemic, and after Smoking the second leading cause of preventable cancer in the UK, reports of the experts.

The context is already known for a long time

The food psychologist Joachim West höfer of the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, showed the results of the study are not particularly surprising.

According to a news Agency dpa, the expert points out in an independent classification of the Reports to the fact that the connection between a high-energy-density foods with a relatively low price is already longer known.

“Food today is so cheap as never before,” said West höfer, according to the Agency. “The result is an unhealthy over-consumption.”

Although there is here no comparable studies, but the researchers suggest that similar results would probably be: “Just food mentality in this country, a “greed is good” -.”

Tempting, but unhealthy food

“Special offers to the people in the weekly shopping an Abundance of tempting, but unhealthy food and drinks”, said Professor Linda Bauld, prevention expert from Cancer Research UK.

“In special offers for chocolate, biscuits, cakes and soft drinks, it is no Surprise that people buy more deals, have a greater likelihood to be obese,” explained the scientist.

“Because young children often suffer from the effects of these purchases, the introduction of restrictions for your future health is important,” says Bauld.

“We know that more than one out of every five in the primary school is overweight or obese and the number deteriorated until Leaving the school in about one out of three.”

It looks similar in Germany. As showed in the KiGGS study, that in Germany, every seventh child is too fat: About 15.4 percent of children and youth between three and 17 years are obese, and 5.9 percent are even obese.

Legal Regulations

Alison Cox, Director for cancer prevention at Cancer Research UK, said that to combat obesity in children limitations of the price promotion of unhealthy foods and drinks are required.

In addition, such products should no longer be seen in the strategically placed spaces in front of the cash registers. “This helps families to make healthier choices,” says the expert.

“There is no one solution to the Problem, but the Removal of these incentives to purchase unhealthy food, is the key to Change.”

In Germany, too, is thinking about legal regulations. Some of the experts have been calling for years for higher taxes on unhealthy food.

Others argue for the abolition of the VAT for fruit and vegetables.

How useful the financial support for healthy food could be, could also show a US-American study.

According to the scientists, such a measure could be just as or more effective than other common interventions, such as preventive drug treatments for high blood pressure or high cholesterol. So, too, countless cardiovascular disease could be prevented. (ad)