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LEVEL of KNOWLEDGE has developed a nine-week pleasure Coaching you can learn to eat for pleasure and to keep your weight. This is the fifth part. The other parts can be found here.

A sensual relationship to food begins even before the actual meal. The cooking, Try and Select various ingredients, or the interest in the origin of the products can increase the enjoyment and appreciation for food.

This week you will receive a list with suggestions on how you can change your dining, cooking and shopping habits so that they bypass reflect and be conscious about nutrition and enjoy eating more than devour.

To-Do list for connoisseurs

Before you begin, read all the suggestions and pick out the two commitments to you or to best fit your everyday life:

  • You go to the market, try different varieties of Apples, grapes or tomatoes, and you choose the one that taste the best.
  • Look at a cookbook, pick a simple dish to prepare it. They cover the table – no matter whether you are alone or with other food.
  • You can buy three different varieties of nuts, and you try this at home in peace and quiet, only a few and decide which are the best.
  • You invite friends over for dinner, cover the table with good crockery and Cutlery and enjoy together.
  • Where is the meat, the fish, the potato here? They research the origin of your food – choose, when it comes, a week-long regional food or organic food.
  • You go to a Restaurant and order them – again – a favourite dish. You eat it slowly and with enjoyment.
  • To prepare a fruit salad and make sure it contains three of your favorite fruits.
  • Go to a farm and buy in the farm shop.
  • To prepare a fancy salad – possibly together with other members of the family – with three favorite vegetables or your favorite ingredients.
  • Buy chocolate three different varieties and taste of each of the two pieces. You judge: Which tastes best?

Have you been looking out for two of the Exercises? Well. Then try this week both. Reflect back on, and observe: How did you feel? What was pleasant and what is less? And how has it changed the eating habits in General? Consider also whether you want the suggestions to establish in your everyday life permanently, how to buy on the market instead of the supermarket vegetables.

Important: There are people who are outspoken Schlemmer and enjoyment of people and still fight with the pounds or your blood-pressure, or the threat of Diabetes. Who is in this position, will be calls for the Exercise in this week, possibly, because of the pleasurable handling of food is then often of everyday life.

If you belong to this group of people, can you believe that pleasure can be the key to a sensible and healthy diet. But just because food and Feasting are taking maybe a bit too great in your life, it does not mean that pleasure in itself is wrong. For an alternative Exercise this week makes sense: Remember you once to enjoy the food during meals, because this can be good. Then try also to look more precisely at your eating habits to observe:

  • When and where to eat perhaps more than is good for them?
  • Where forget you?
  • What emotional situations are a trigger for the handle to “something to Eat” or something “Good”?

You try to watch every day this week in this way. If this is difficult, run for a few minutes a day is a kind of log or diary. If you remember that emotional and uncontrolled eating is an issue, could be the tasks of the next two weeks particularly helpful for them.

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