Woman lives 3 weeks of water: you swear on it, but risking your life

Nicola Arthur is fasting in top shape, and swears by Water. Regularly without any food, only water then takes them to be three weeks long. FOCUS Online has checked with a fasting expert, how healthy is the extreme diet really is.

She is slender, toned and styled by your pedicured toenails in the blonde hair: Nicola Arthur looks significantly younger than the 47 years that are in your passport. Responsible for the mother of two and operator of a Wellness Studio radical fasting cures. Three weeks ago, the native new Zealander dispensed regularly on everything except water.

Just you have brought back one of their extreme diets behind, she tells of the British 'DailyMail'. “I feel great,” enthuses the 47-year-old choice-Australian from Sydney. “I’m the whole day full of energy. I am positive and have a better inner Balance.“

This good feeling could every have, if he only fasts, writes the Australian more. The spirit going through the waiver alert, cravings are less, the skin pure. That’s not enough: “If you fast, you feel better, the cells renew themselves, you will feel rejuvenated, defy old age, prevent inflammation, lose weight and starve cancer cells,” continues the list of benefits that aims to bring the radical fasting.


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“I always felt bloated and sick”

Also is the water diet is only something for women who wanted to quickly lose as many Kilos, but for anyone who wants to feel better. “Some women think I’m too extreme, but then there are others who ask how I could be so good and look young, even though I’ve already got two children.”

Previously, she was a Party Girl, have second way serious Binge Eating are liable to suffer attacks, food cravings, in which they stuffed themselves regularly in the evenings without a dimension full of candy. “I always felt bloated and sick,” says Arthur. After the separation from her husband, she started in 2017 with the first water diet.


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Expert sees the water fasting critical

Fasting expert Frank Madeo sees the extremely fast less positive. “Who drinks three weeks on only water, consists of a massive risk,” says the Professor from the Institute for Molecular Biosciences, University of Graz, and warns in an interview with FOCUS Online prior to a diet to this extent.

In principle, the renunciation of food and beverages other than water for a certain period of time is actually useful and is recommended. The water fasting have quite a rejuvenating effect, solve Autophagy processes in the body, which had the effect of regenerating. Also the risk of diabetes, weight and immune system fasting have a positive effect, says the expert. “Who makes the but for longer than 36 hours, should do so only under clinical supervision.”

Even medical care by the doctor is not rich for such an extreme diet. The circulation could collapse at any time, as the body of important vitamins and minerals were missing, which he may receive otherwise through the food.

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To be added to the organism, is the fast expert secure. “There are no reputable studies on this, but such a strict fast, I think, is harmful. Because at some point the body comes in a lack. When exactly, it depends on various factors, but after three weeks, the risk is high.“

She swears more on the water diet

This Deficiency must be compensated for in the case of strict fasting, therefore, be targeted, says the biochemist. In fasting clinics, this was not the case, experts monitored the diet and the condition of the patient. To ensure the home looks Madeo critical. “Three weeks of self-training water fasting I think is a problem.”

Nicola Arthur is aware of the dangers, the extremes of fasting involves, it seems that – at least in Parts – to be well aware of. She says: “fasting is something for everyone. Who has to eat not a healthy relationship to bulimia or anorexia suffers, pregnant or has Diabetes is suffering from the disease should not be fasting.“ Whether it compensates for the lack of nutrients during water treatments with tablets, or at least a clear soup with salt to eat, as the fast-expert advises, is not known.

Next, you want to do with your water diet but also in the future, as you explained. “I don’t think fasting is a fad, but rather the future.”

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