Lose weight: This diet effect is damaging to the heart

Heart attack and stroke risk for weight fluctuations, is considerably increased

Almost all Overweight people know the phenomenon: First, the pounds with a diet, and later to take all the Kilos again. This effect is called „JoJo-Effekt“ . According to a study that is risky for the heart. Due to the fluctuation of the body weight is increasing, according to researchers led by Professor Sripal Bangalore of New York University School of Medicine, the risk for cardiovascular disease and the likelihood of an early death.

The fluctuation of the body is diseases weight is a risk factor for coronary events and premature death in patients without cardiovascular disease, the scientists report. How is the Jo-Jo effect is especially in patients with existing coronary heart disease risk, the researchers examined in the current study. In the case of the CHD patients, the risk of premature death and other cardiovascular-increases consequently diseases significantly, if repeated dieting yo-Yo effect be carried out.

Their study results published by the scientists in the magazine “New England Journal of Medicine” (NEJM).

The yo-Yo effect is not negated, only the success of a diet, but also increased the risk for cardiovascular disease. (Image: bmf-foto.de/fotolia.com)

Increased risk of coronary and cardiovascular disease

On the basis of 9.509 subjects, the researchers examined possible correlations between the fluctuating body weight and coronary diseases (e.g. myocardial infarction) and cardiovascular diseases (e.g. Peripheral vascular disease) in a broader sense.Within the observation period, the researchers registered diseases 2.091 coronary, 2.727 cardiovascular disease and 487 deaths.

In the analysis in connection with the fluctuations of the body weight, the researchers found that the one-fifth of the subjects with the highest variation of body weight, the risk of a coronary event by 64 percent was higher, than in the case of the one-fifth of the subjects with the smallest weight fluctuations.

Heart attack and stroke risk

The risk of a cardiovascular event in the group with the strongest variations in weight to 85 percent higher, and the of premature death by 124 per cent, higher, the scientists report. In addition, your heart attack risk was 117 percent higher and the risk for stroke or 136 percent higher than in subjects with the lowest weight fluctuations, the researchers write in the NEJM.

On diets is better to abstain?

The scientists come to the conclusion that patients with coronary heart disease due to the fluctuation of body weight a significantly higher Rate of cardiovascular disease and are significantly more likely to prematurely die. One aspect that should be considered when the desire for a diet. Because in the worst case, the risk to health is through the yo-Yo effect higher than that of a constant Overweight. (fp)