In Between, Hungry? Five Snacks you eat – and take even Video

An important decreasing rule is: between meals, avoid Snacks. However, there are also in-between meals, which will help to burn fat. A fine selection you see in the Video.

Anyone who wants to lose weight, no keeps to this rule: between meals. But there is one exception: Take the right calories and not more than 200 kcal per Snack. The right Balance between proteins, fiber, carbohydrates and vitamins to boost the metabolism, provides energy and increases the burning of fat.

1. Toasted sourdough bread with walnut-pear spread

The combination of low-fat cottage cheese, half a pear, a tablespoon of chopped walnuts and a slice of bread provides the basis for a healthy Snack. Fiber, protein, and also the hormone Serotonin from the walnut to inhibit the appetite and, thanks to the contained proteins the fat cells to melt.

2. Brown lentil salad with tomato and watercress

Lenses are true all-rounders. They contain a lot of vegetable protein, have a high nutrient content and contain valuable choline. This stimulates the metabolism and supports the removal of fat. You use for the salad half a Cup of brown lentils, some tomatoes, Cherry, watercress, brown lentils, some tomatoes, Cherry, watercress, and a simple Oil and vinegar Dressing with a bit of onion.

Healthy fats, and vital vitamins are the main constituents of the Avocado. A half Avocado with cottage cheese delivers in addition to the ingredients of the Avocado, a lot of protein. The Snack saturates, is healthy and also very tasty.

4. Almonds

For the little Hunger in between, they are well suited. They stabilize blood sugar levels and the calcium promotes fat burning.

5. Green iced tea with mint

A simple drink for a Snack. The green tea stimulates because of the antioxidant EGCG on the metabolism. Ice and mint complement the Freshness.

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