Current threat: massive recall for this Apple AC adapter plug

Risk of electric shock: Apple recalls certain AC plug

The American technology company Apple has launched a recall for certain AC power adapter plug. The company has determined that the products, pens can break, and therefore, the risk of electric shock.

Risk of electric shock

“Apple has determined that it is in his power supply plugs with three pins, which are intended primarily for use in the United Kingdom, Singapore and Hong Kong, in rare cases, may result in the pins abort and, therefore, the risk of electric shock if the exposed metal parts,” writes the US-American technology company on its website. Apple has launched a recall program for these products.

Apple recalls certain AC plug. In the case of products the risk of a power was, under certain circumstances, precipitate. (Image: Apple)

Affected by this recall plug-in can free to be replaced

According to the company, this power supply connector between 2003 and 2010 with Mac computers and certain versions of the iOS devices, and as part of the travel Adapter Kit from Apple were delivered.

The recall affected AC power adapter plug free of charge be exchanged for a new one.

According to Apple, the power supply plug should be compared with the pictures shown on the website.

According to the figures, the affected power supply white connector with three pins and have no letters on the inner side of the connection to the power supply from Apple.

The new adapters are, however, white and grey on the inner side of the connection point to the AC power adapter of Apple.

Customers who have purchased an affected power connector, should be for the purpose of exchange with an authorized Apple Service Provider, Apple Store or Apple Support.

“Power supply connector, intended for use in continental Europe, Australia, new Zealand, Korea, Argentina and Brazil, may be affected by the recall program for the power supply plug of Apple”, – stated in the message.

The company indicates that USB power adapters from Apple are not affected by this program.

After a shock to the doctor

A shock to people can have dramatic consequences. So, among other things, a life-threatening heart rhythm problems may occur, leading to sometimes flicker in a chamber.

The heart no longer beating so fast, it is pumping effectively, the blood in the circulatory system. The result can be a sudden cardiac arrest.

In addition, there is the risk that the lung muscles go into spasm, which leads in the worst case, to respiratory arrest due to the electricity.

Health experts advise to go after an electric shock to the doctor, even if it is a supposedly well. Because cardiac arrhythmias can also occur too late.

If you stumble, however, directly after an electric shock symptoms such as tachycardia, heart, shortness of breath, or cramping in the chest felt, immediately, the rescue service called. (ad)