Cocoa Nestlé Nesquik fails the Test completely, Even organ damage can occur!

Öko-Test: mineral oil, cocoa powder, Nestlé

Cocoa-containing beverage powders are especially very popular with children. However, they usually contain a lot of sugar. But not only that: in some products, is also problematic mineral Oil residues. Especially a lot of them have the “Öko-Test” experts now in the cocoa Nestlé Nesquik found.

Mineral oil in food

In the past few years, has been repeatedly reported findings of mineral oil in food. As petroleum residues, among other things, in many of the cereal cultivars were in various tuna, and in meat substitutes demonstrated. Often sweets, such as Ferreros kids bar, chocolate are concerned, the Easter Bunny, and numerous advent calendar. And also in cocoa powder, much of the dangerous substance is often, as a recent investigation by the consumer magazine “Öko-Test” shows.

Small children should drink only rarely cocoa

For many children, a glass of chocolate milk is for Breakfast.

Experts advise, however, to moderate consumption, because cocoa powder is virtually the only sugar in the rule to 80 percent. Especially small children should drink so rarely cocoa.

The consumer magazine “Öko-Test” has now taken 13 containing cocoa beverage powder for kids under the microscope.

How the experts write on your website, by falls in children, popular cocoa, Nestlé Nesquik in the Test completely.

Especially because he is heavily contaminated with mineral oil residues.

Nestlé Nesquik lands with “unsatisfactory” on the last place

According to the figures, and colorful colors is the same for all products tested, using funny picture is clearly visible, that the target audience are children.

“Öko-Test” wanted to know how much cocoa is actually in the powders and how much sugar? In addition, the powder, among other things, mineral oil, Cadmium, unwanted germ loads and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons were studied.

The results of the test, which can be subject to a charge, demonstrates that only a cocoa in the Test is a “very good” is recommended.

After all, seven products with “good”, the other cocoa powders are somewhere in the midfield. Nestlé Nesquik lands, however, with “unsatisfactory” in the last place.

The well-known brand product received, the majority of write-downs. The reasons: an increased oil content, lots of sugar, added vitamins and a lot of Declaration defects.

Heavily with mineral Oil hydrocarbons contaminated

According to the figures put increased in a total of four cocoa powders for children”,” or “greatly increased” levels of the saturated hydrocarbons MOSH/POSH. In ten out of 13 powders, the sugar content is increased according to the dosage recommendation”,” or “greatly increased.”

Especially the Nestlé cocoa in the Test is strong materials with mineral Oil hydrocarbons (MOSH/POSH) contaminated.

MOSH have injured in animal organs such as the liver and lymph nodes.

Residues can be transferred, for example, by the packaging on the food. Cocoa beans and sugar can also be used during production, for example with lubricating oils in contact.

Too much sugar

In addition, Nestlé is recommended to mix two to three heaped teaspoons of Nesquik to a glass of milk.

The “Öko-Test” commissioned laboratory determined in a powder serving more than 7.5 grams of sugar.

This is already more than half of the world health organization (WHO) recommended quantity for three-year-old children. It is not more than 15 grams daily. In addition, the Tester criticize the contained artificial vitamins. According to the experts, your add-on is completely unnecessary and is intended to give the impression that it is the cocoa powder a healthy food.

And also some information on the packaging to be irritating. The nutrient table refers to the back to the values for an average adult.

However, Nesquik is aimed obviously to children. Nestlé applies to around 80 per cent of sugar existing powder also brazenly with the healthy ingredients of milk, criticize the Tester.

Also doubtful of the advertised matter of course “without the use of preservatives, according to the law”.

Cocoa drinks treat like a candy

According to “Öko-Test” is not wanted Nestlé to accept increases the result for MOSH/POSH (“strong”) to “so”, as the group announced in writing.

You have doubts as to the method for mineral oil, which used the contracted laboratory. The information, according to the method used by the laboratory, however, not just any, but a method in accordance with DIN-standard. And an independent study that supports the doubt of Nestlé, presented to the group.

The testers conclude with a tip: Treat cocoa drinks due to the high percentage of Sugar as a candy. Small children drink therefore at Best only rarely. Some manufacturers recommend five spoons of cocoa powder for a milk glass. This is too much. One to two teaspoons. (ad)